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Last year my mother in law (MIL) moved in with me and my wife. I wasn't very excited about this because I really love my privacy, but her husband had died and she didn't have anywhere else to go. Since she has moved in her health has been declining. She has more doctor appointments than anybody I have ever met. She has gotten to the point where she needs physical therapy (PT). Her not being able to drive anymore and needing PT three times a week, me and the wife just couldn't take that much time off from work to take her to the PT. So the doctor gave us a reference to an in home PT therapist.

I work from home a couple days a week and didn't want the interruption of a stranger coming in my house three times a week, but when I saw the therapist, Andie, my attitude changed. Andie is a 26 year old black woman with a body to die for.

I am a white guy, 42 years old and had never had sex with a black woman but have always fantasized about it.

At first Andie would come in and we would have small talk then she would go to my MILs room and I wouldn't see her again until about an hour later when she was leaving. Most of the time while she was in her room I would go to my office and look up white male/black female porn and watch it day dreaming that it was me and Andie fucking and masturbate. I would always cum before she came back out, but a couple of weeks ago I was watching the porn and stroking my cock when I heard her come out of my MIL's room. I pulled up my work out shorts and went into the living room to see if she needed anything, the whole time trying to keep my raging hard on hidden. When she saw me her eyes went straight to my crotch and she smiled a little and then looked at my face. I asked her if she needed anything, she just smiled and said, "looks like you need some stress relief". I said, "you have no idea". She laughed a little and started walking toward my office, and asked, "so, what are you doing in here?" Before I could stop her she was in my office and saw the porn playing on the computer. It was a beautiful black girl blowing a white guy with a huge cock.

She went to my desk and sat down in my chair watching the movie and said, "so, do you like chocolate pussy?" I couldn't believe how forward she was, but answered her with, "I have always fantasized about it, but have never had any".

As she watched the porn, she started rubbing her breasts and asked me if my cock was as big as the one on the computer screen. I was really nervous, but I thought, if she was playing with her titts, this might be going in the right direction. So I pulled my cock out and said, "I don't know, what do you think?" She looked at my cock and said, "it looks close, and is definitely big enough". I said, "big enough for what?" She reached out for my cock. I walked toward her and as she took my cock in her hand and said, "to make me cum".

I couldn't believe my luck, she stroked my cock a few times then took it into her mouth. It was incredible, looking down at her big black lips wrapped around my cock and the feeling of her warm wet mouth was indescribable. She was doing to me exactly what the girl on the screen was doing. From my masturbating earlier and the expert cock sucker she was, I started cumming after only about 2 minutes of being in her mouth. She didn't miss a beat, she swallowed every drop.

After she had sucked and cleaned every drop out of and off of my cock, she pulled away and said, "that was delicious, but the next load goes into my pussy. I need to get your mom started on her next exercises, I will be right back." With that she got up and went back to my MIL's room.

I will post what happened when she came back out later.