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I was on a business trip and left my wife home. I had a couple of beers and was pretty horny. I found a guy on line who wanted to come to my hotel room and get his cock sucked. He said he had a really big cock.

He arrived and we stripped. His cock was only about two inches. He said he was a grower, not a shower but I didn't give a fuck, I'd suck him anyway. He laid on the bed and I gent down and took his cock in my mouth. Within a minute he was a full 7 inches and thick. His cock bent down a little and was just perfect to go down my throat. He had me bite his cock as I sucked him. He had no interest in fucking me or me playing with his ass so I just laid down and sucked him. He kept telling me to bite his cock. As my teeth ran across his cock he got even harder.

I played with his nipples and he told me to pinch and pull them. I pulled them harder and harder and he loved it the more. He said I sucked cock better than anybody had ever sucked him. He said I suck cock much better than his girlfriend and I finally made him cum. He stayed hard for a few more minutes and finally had to leave. He said I ruined him for women, I sucked his cock so good.