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Hi, I’m female, 28. I stumbled across this site a few weeks ago, have been reading and masturbating to stories on here almost daily ever since.

Until I started seeing stories about women letting their dogs lick them I didn’t realize that people, normal people anyway, were actually into bestiality. At first I skipped past anything that mentioned a dog, feeling kind of sick about even coming close to reading that, then, out of curiosity, I read a story about a wife being licked and fucked by her dog while her husband watched.

I was so turned on by this that I stopped skipping the stories about women and their dogs.

Eventually, the idea kind of kept marinating in my mind until just an hour or so ago, when after reading a few stories on here and feeling quite horny I decided to watch some porn.

I absolutely love watching porn online, so much variety, so many options to masturbate to...

Only, the site I usually use as my go to for watching porn doesn’t allow bestiality...

So here’s where the confession part comes in...

I decided to google “free bestiality porn” because the stories on here had opened me up to a new kind of kink, and for the next hour I masturbated to girls getting fucked by dogs. It turns me on so much watching women getting mounted by horny dogs, but what really gets me going is watching guys plunge their hard cocks into female dogs’ pussys.

I feel so dirty yet so turned on at the same time... I’m probably going to start watching more bestiality porn as soon as I’m done typing this, and I’m hoping I can find some more videos of men fucking animals...