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I moved in with Terry right after he proposed to me. We hadn't fucked or really done anything sexual until this time. I discovered the first night we fucked that he had a pretty small cock. I like big things in my mouth and pussy so it was a bit of a disappointment. After about two months of barely feeling him inside me I was getting pretty tired of it. We lived about three doors down from his parents, Ken and Marge. Marge was a pretty woman with big pouty lips and nice tits. Ken was a big man with quite a belly and I never knew what she saw in him. Then one day I walked in on him napping on the couch. I went over to see if Terry was there and Ken was the only one home. He was laying on his back snoring and was completely naked. I took one look at his cock and knew right away what she saw in him. His cock soft was bigger than Terry's hard. How could such a big cock produce such a little one.

A few nights later we were over at their place just relaxing on the back porch talking and drinking. Terry is a wimp when it comes to alcohol and he went home about 9:00. About two hours later we were all pretty wasted. I was off to Marge's left and they must have forgot I was there because Ken turned to Marge and said, "Come over here and give me some of that pussy." Marge got out of her chair and walked over to him. He immediately stuck his hand between her legs and started rubbing up and down. "Yeah, honey that's the spot right there" she said. After a couple of minutes he said, "Get down and give me some of that good lip service."

Marge knelt in front of him and pulled his gym shorts down. His cock popped out and she immediately took him in her mouth. That shocked me. I figured they were way too old for this but I was enthralled at the size of his cock. After about five minutes he said, "Before I cum go and get me another beer." She got up and headed inside. That's when he realized I was sitting there watching them. He didn't hesitate a bit and said, "What do you think? Is Terry's cock this big?" I told him no and he invited me over to hold it until Marge got back. I looked toward the house and he said, "Don't worry, she won't mind. In fact it might just turn her on."

I took the chance and walked over to him. My back was to the door as I bent over and took hold of his cock. It was really big, bigger than any cock I've ever had. "Go ahead and stroke it" he said. I was gently rubbing up and down when I felt a pair of hands on my ass. I stood up quickly and they both laughed a little. Marge gave Ken his beer and put her arms around me. "We both like women," she whispered and planted a kiss on my lips. When I'm drunk I'm horny and this turned me on even more. I responded to her kiss and when she put her tongue in my mouth I let her explore without hesitation. About that time I felt Ken's big hand between my legs starting to rub my pussy. He said, "You're right honey, she does have a nice cunt. She broke the kiss and I noticed she had unbuttoned my blouse and I didn't even feel it.

She guided me in front of Ken and said it was okay for me to suck him off. I was lost in my own world now and bent over and took his cock in my mouth. As I started to suck him Marge undid my pants and pulled them down along with my panties. I stepped out of them and she stuck her hand under my ass and started to finger fuck me. Within minutes I was cumming. "She's ready honey" Marge said. He told me to sit on it. Even with his big belly I wanted him inside me. I mounted him and plunged down onto his cock. It filled me up more than I ever had, even with my toys. Marge had her hands around me and was playing with my nipples. "Oh, fuck Ken" was all I could say. I fucked him for about 10 minutes and he started cumming. I felt every squirt of his warm jizz. I was cumming at the same time. It was so intense I nearly passed out.

I finally got off of him and Marge had me lay in the lounger. She got down and spread my legs and proceeded to lick all the cum out of my pussy. This was so much more than I expected when we went over there hours earlier. Marge had finally cleaned me out and I noticed Ken had gone to bed a while ago. I got dressed and Marge walked me home. We stood at the front door and kissed a long passionate kiss. "Honey" she said, "Now that you've been fucked by the biggest cock in town and had a woman lick it out of your cunt, you can come over any time and we'll take care of you."

I don't think Terry had any idea this was going on. We have been married for six years now and the only things that satisfy my sex drive is that big cock down the street and that talented tongue of the woman that birthed him. I'm suck a fucking slut...