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It is just me and Mark, my son. He's 15 now and I'm 46. I look ok I suppose. 5 foot 4 big 34d breasts. I've noticed a lot over the last year that Mark looks at them a lot. I know he goes to his room and masturbates a lot after seeing me. He's kind of a loner. He has one friend, joe , who also is a loner like him. They were both at my house a week ago, joe was spending the night.

I often dressed to show around Mark, because I actually am turned on by the fact he's so turned on by me, and honestly his dad has never been around. Raising him alone didn't leave me much time for myself. Tonight was no different I wore a silk mighty and I could see them both taking peeks whenever they could. I also "accidentally " kept letting the top fall a bit.

It was getting late , about 12:00 am as the movie we were watching ended. I can see the hard ons they oh had. They said goodnight and we're going to his room. I went up about 20 min later and walked by marks room. I snuck up and listened quietly and heard them both talking about how sexy they thought I was.

I was so turned on when I heard mark say "I really need to jerk off right now ". I know they're not friendly with girls, but they're good kids, and decent looking boys to be honest. I decided right there they deserved something. I walked in as they were talking , and they both seemed to cover up their manhood quickly

I looked at them both and said " listen I know you boys have needs, so I'm going to take care of you, but not a word to anyone, ok Now both of you undress. Mark looked at me and said, " mom what are you doing ". I looked at him right in his face and said, " hunny , you're both about to get blowjobs. ".

I got on my knees to the edge of marks bed and told joe to sit next to him. I started sucking mark first. I told them both to " grab my tits and rub me wherever ". I went back and forth between them. I went heavy on joe for a minute and I could feel he was cumming, so I pulled it out of my mouth and finished him on my chest and next.

I looked at Mark and said "lay back ". I went full force suck on him. Joe was pinching my nipples now telling mark," bro this is the best ". In about a minute mark was cumming in my mouth. He seemed to be sensitive, because he was moving so much.

I know I made their lives. I think I should do this for them more. I definitely will to mark.