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My mother got pregnant with me when she was 14 and had me when she was 15. Her mother was so embarrassed and didn't want anyone in town to know. She shipped my mother off to her sister in Michigan where she was to have the baby, which would then be put up for adoption. My mother had a normal delivery without any complications. A few days after the delivery the agency that was going to take the baby for adoption showed up at the hospital. It had been suggested that mom not breast feed me, but mom had started breast feeding me and told the agency that she had changed her mind. Mom stayed with her aunt for the better part of the year and then told her mother that she was going to come home. Her mother said that my mom could not come home with the baby because nobody in town knew that she had been pregnant and she didn't want to be embarrassed.

We ended up staying with my aunt and she loved the two of us and didn't want us to leave. My aunt literally became like a mother to mom and she and my uncle treated us like mom was their child and I was there grandson.

Mom did well in school and eventually finished college with a science degree in education. She got a teaching job and quickly established herself in the community. Mom bought a small ranch house and we moved out of my aunts house.. We stayed very close to my aunt and uncle and they are still a big part of our lives.

When I was sixteen mom had a boyfriend who I didn't really care for. There were times when I would hear him yelling at my mom and when I would appear on the scene he would stop. By now I was 6'2"' tall an 179 pounds. I was one of the star athletes in the high school and physically quite imposing. I think the boy friend knew that if he got out of line that I could easily kick his ass.

Thankfully mom saw the writing on the wall and broke off the relationship with the jerk. At about the same time I was just starting a relationship with a nice girl in my class. She was a cheerleader for the basketball team and I was the star of the team. She and I had started our relationship very slowly and didn't want to get so wrapped up in each other that we neglected our studies. It started slowly but there was no way that we could contain our emotions. We had fallen in love. When her parents found out about our relationship they were angry. Her family was Jewish and mom and I were not affiliated with any religion. Her parents made her life miserable and we had no choice but to break up.

One night I was in my room and mom knocked on the door. When she came in, she asked me what was wrong, as he had noticed how depressed I had been. I broke down and started to cry. When we went to bed that night I was still in a funk and mom asked me to come sleep in her bed with her. We talked for about an hour about everything going on in school. Mom finally got around to asking me if I had been having sex with my ex girl friend. I admitted that we had had sex about 3 or 4 times. I thought that she might be angry with me and I could have lied to her, but I had never lied to her before and I wasn't going to start now. Mom said that she could understand why as I was growing into a young man and it was normal to have sexual desires.

Mom was 31 years old and was very beautiful and physically desirable. After our conversation ended mom pulled me over to her and put her arms around me. We hugged and cuddled as we prepared to go to sleep. Mom's beautiful breasts were pressed against my chest as we cuddled. By now I was getting an erection. I did everything I could to keep my hard on from rubbing against mom. Mom really was enjoying cuddling with me and as she slid over closer to me she put her leg over my leg and my erection came in contact with her thigh. My cock was so hard that mom obviously could feel it. I thought that she would pull away once she knew that I was sexually charged. To my surprise she didn't pull away. We stayed in that position for about 2 or 3 minutes and then I could feel mom press her crotch against my thigh. About every 30 seconds mom would release from my thigh and then press her crotch back against me even harder. It soon became every 10 seconds and then it was a steady rhythm as she was dry humping my thigh. She then reached over and fished my cock out of my boxer shorts. As she began stroking my cock she was obviously sexually charged and no longer looked on the guy next to her as her son.

Suddenly mom started to cry and told me that she was so sorry and that it was so inappropriate what she had done. Please forgive me, she said. I followed with please don't stop mom, I love it. We talked for a few minutes trying to excuse our behavior and for some reason we both came to the conclusion that what we were experiencing was wonderful and we both wanted it. We began to passionately kiss with our tongues probing each others mouths. As we stripped our night clothes off mom and I began kissing each other all over our bodies and before we knew it we ended up in a 69. Mom's cunt tasted so good and her sweet juices were flowing into my mouth. Mom had an orgasm very quickly and when I told her that I was about to cum she said I want your cum in my pussy. She stopped sucking my cock and rolled over onto her back. Mom spread her legs and said fill me pussy with all your cum; fill mommy's cunt with your cum. I want to feel your cock spurt in my cunt. I buried my cock in mom's pussy and we passionately kissed as I pumped my cock in her pussy. Within two minutes I exploded into the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Mom said, I feel your cum in me, and it feels so good. MOM THEN HAD HER SECOND ORGASM RIGHT AFTER I emptied my semen in her cunt. My orgasms in the past had only been from hand JOBS, and this was something that was so intense that I almost blacked out.

We made love for most of the night and the sun was coming up before we finally fell asleep. We both couldn't bring our selves to stop pleasuring each other until we both collapsed from exhaustion.

The next day mom and I tried to put everything in prospective as we talked about what had happened. Mom said that when I was born that she loved me so much that she just couldn't give me up. She also said that as I filled out and was becoming a man, that she would masturbate at night thinking about me. She said that she once saw me going from the bathroom to my bedroom naked and with a hard on. Mom said that she guessed that my cock had to be at least 8 inches. She said she fantasized about my cock being in her and she just had to masturbate to relieve her self.

Mom and I have been lovers for two years now and we have sex every day, except when mom has her period. We have sex every morning and most nights. I love oral sex and mom loves to have me lick and suck her clit, and she has shown me how to find her g-spot. Mom loves it when I lick her clit and work my tongue down to the crack of her ass and lick her beautiful brown hole. Her ass is so beautiful and recently I fucked mom in her ass for the first time. It was great but I'd rather lick her ass than fuck it.

Mom and I could easily develop a romance or a relationship with other people, but our passion for each other is so intense that I can't imagine being with another girl. I can't get enough of my mom's beautiful body and we are like wild animals in bed together. I don't want it ever to stop.