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When I was 11, my father passed away. My mum went into a state of depression and I was forced to watch her destroy herself. MY older brother was studying to be a pharmacist at a university out of town so we only saw him during holidays. To supplement my mum's income, she decided to rent out the outhouse to a couple. We knew the husband as he worked with my dad and I went fishing a few times with him when my dad was alive. It was the summer holidays when they moved in and my brother was doing vac work near his university. Well we knew he had a girlfriend and was probably afraid to leave her. Anyways when I met the wife, I was shocked. She looked so much younger than her husband and in size was not much bigger than me. Her husband and her worked in the same company just different shifts. He worked the nights and she the day. As a result, she usually came and spent a lot of time with mum after her husband left for work in the evening. She wasn't much of a looker so I wasn't attracted to her so I didn't pay much attention to her. Mum and her would usually spend the evening having coffee and a chat, well for her it was coffee and for mum it was the usual glass of red wine which she said helped her sleep at night. I knew she was on anti-depressants and took Valium as well. Well that was her cocktail for the evening. From my eavesdropping, I learnt that when she was eighteen she started working at this company and fell pregnant. She married this guy who was twenty years her senior to save embarrassment. However sadly she miscarried and remained married and childless for the last 5 years. They were forced to sell their house to pay for the fertility treatment as she was trying to have another baby. My mu became very fond of her and every evening they would chat until my mum fell asleep. On some nights she would come join me playing games. She was good at it as well so I was glad I had company at night. I also started to get close to her. It was like having a big sister around. When it was time for her to go, I would walk her to her door as she was terrified of our dog. As our bond grew, she would hold me by the arms as we walked to her door. Then as a form of gratitude I got a goodnight peck on my cheek. Still there was nothing sexual about it. One night as we were playing games, I noticed that her one button of her pj"s was open and I could see her whole tit. They were beautiful. The nipples were a beautiful purple colour and it wasn't to big or to small. I continued to peek at them and got a massive boner. I started to feel uncomfortable because I knew that she would be able to see it. I lost track of the game and she beat me again. As usual I walked her to the door keeping the dog away. This time when she leaned over to kiss me goodnight, I turned to her and kissed her on the lip. She didn't pull away or anything but for a few seconds our lips were locked. I soon realise what I was doing and stopped. I walked as fast as I could back to my room. I had a huge boner and knew I was going to have to masturbate. I peeked through the window to see her still standing at the door watching our door. Then it happened. She waved her hand to call me back. I quickly pulled back and then peeked again. She called me again. I decided that it was best that I go apologise for my actions. When I got to her she pulled me into the room shut the door and stuck her tongue down my throat. Her hands rand down and set my cock free from my pants. She said nothing yet. She Jerked on my swollen cock while kissing me. I enjoyed it. The next instant I knew she was dragging me to the bedroom. We still didn't say a word to each other. She lay me on the bed, took of her clothes and inserted my prick into her already wet vagina. She pumped me for a while. I must have come twice before she came. She lay next to me in silence. Then she leaned over and started to kiss me again. She asked me if I liked what we just did. It was obvious because I was hard again and wanted more. She asked me to get on top of her as she was tired and slowly I built up a pace. It was long before I came again.

I feel asleep next to her and was awoken by the ringing of a buzzer. Her husband was back from work. She quickly got her clothes on and I slipped back into the house. I waited for the night again. Her husband left and she came over as usual. Soon mum was sound asleep. I took her to my room where we started again. She showed me a few different positions for better penetration. In the next few days I was being home schooled in sex. I learnt to suck pussy from her, I learnt about 69, I learnt about playing with her clit. The next few weeks were amazing. Being an 11 year old I started to tell her I love her. She explained it wasn't love but lust. Sometimes she would play with my cock as I sat with her and mum at the table. We mastered the art of sleeping together. She would set her alarm half an hour earlier to make sure we had one round before her husband came home. One evening her husband didn't go to work. They both came over for supper. I was surprised to have both of them over. The only time I didn't fuck her was on weekends as he didn't work. But it was during the week and he was at home. Then they dropped the bomb. She was pregnant. Both husband and wife were overjoyed. I was jealous. How could she have his baby when I loved her. That night I sat quietly while they celebrated. The next night she came to me as usual. She kissed me and asked me if I was happy. What she told me next shocked me. Based on her calculations from what the doc had told her, it was impossible for the husband to be the father as they didn't have sex during that time. It was the time when we started fucking. I didn't understand and then she explained about my sperm that I shot into her. She assured me that it will be our little secret for as long as she lived and we could continue our relationship as long as I wanted to. Yes, I still wanted to fuck her. We did so and I found her wanting it more than ever now. She was constantly horny. She showed me how to fuck her when her big belly got in the way. She suggested we try anal but it wouldn't go in. So we just fucked as we usually did. The baby came earlier than expected. When she brought the baby home, her husband told us that they were going to move out as they would need a bigger place. Mum told them that they could stay for as long as they wanted. One evening she brought the baby over. Mum remarked that the baby looked so much like my older brother when he was a baby. She went to the family album and brought out pictures just to prove it. They laughed about it and mum was soon sound asleep. That night I got t carry my baby while the mother gave me a blow job. She told me that we wont be able to have sex for the next six weeks but promised to keep me happy. It was her way of thanking me for giving her a child. Sadly before the six weeks were up they moved out. They kept in contact with us and continually mailed pictures of the baby to mum. Years passed and with each new picture, the baby looked more like me. I to made it to university and moved out. I had an eight year old son that only two of us knew about. Well that's what we thought. Mum got really sick and doctors told us that she didn't have much time. As I held her hand in the hospital, she told me that she would like to see her grandson. It shocked me because my brother was unmarried with no kids. She told me she figured out over the years that the baby was mine and she just wanted to see him one time. I managed to get hold of her and told her what my mum knew. She agreed to bring him to hospital. My mum got her dying wish and I got to have a fuck buddy again. We meet whenever we can and fuck the hell out of each other. I'm more careful now not to drop my seed into her ....again