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I've always dreamt of sharing my wife. The thought of watching Renee get fucked by someone else drives me wild. We have a couple that we often see for dinner and drinks and I fantasise about them both tearing my wife's clothes of and fucking her while I watch. To have Teaghan spread my wife's legs and lick her wet pussy while Brandon fucks my wifes mouth. It makes my cock hard just thinking about it.

My friends wife is ultra sexy too. I would caress Teaghans hot ass and rub her sweet wet pussy while she licks out Renee.

I would then love to see Renee return the favour and lay Teaghan on her back and taste her first taste of pussy. Then I would incourage my mate to slide his cock into Renee's pussy and fuck her for all he's worth.

Now I would have to join in. Stick my hard cock into Teaghan's mouth. Suck my cock while looking at me with those beautiful eyes till I could take no more. I would taste her amazing wet pussy dripping with my wife's saliva before pushing my cock inside.

Fucking Teaghan while Brandon fucks renee. Cocks and pussy all getting wet and fucked till Brandon and I cum streams all over Teaghan and Renee's faces.

It will never happen. But I can only dream.