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I love sitting stroking my cock. Making it hard and wet with precum. With my little dog watching. It doesn't take long before she pounces up on my lap and starts licking the precum off my cock. Sometimes she is frantic in her licking other times she's slow. But she always goes nuts when I pull my forskin right back. Licking the head of my cock drives my little dog wild.

She licks my cock all over right down to my balls. I love it when she does it.

She knows it want be long till I give her a treat and cum starts leaking out the tip of my cock. I try to hold on for as long as I can but she knows it's coming so she licks the head of my cock faster. Her tail wagging almost smiling till I can't hold on and cum everywhere. She licks up every drop of cum and licks my cock clean.

If you have a dog let them enjoy the taste of your cock. Trust me you'll love it.