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I used to cruise Rest Areas. One night I pulled in and there was a rather large man at one of the tables. It was dark out and not many people were there. I went in for a piss and found him standing next to me. His cock was out but he wasn't pissing. He looked down at my cock and said, "That's a nice cock. You ever use it on a man?" I shook my head yes, shook my cock off and turned to face him. He said that he had a place a few miles away and we could go there if I wanted. He was about eight inches taller than me and weighed at least 350 pounds.

We got to his place and he immediately started to strip. His belly was huge and he had big man boobs. He told me to suck his nipples. As I put my lips on a nipple he informed me he was a total top and I had to be okay with that or leave. I said I was okay with it. He had me strip and kneel down. He took a cloth and blindfolded me. I was kneeling when I felt his fingers on my asshole. I said I didn't do anal and he slapped the back of my head. He made it clear he was in charge and put a finger in my ass. He put his hand on my mouth and put a finger in my mouth. He got in a rhythm with his finger in my mouth and the one in my ass. Then he took the blindfold off and came around to the front. His belly hung over his waist but I could see his cock and balls clearly. His cock was smaller than mine but his nuts were huge. I couldn't help but to stare. He stepped forward and put his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. He was about five inches hard and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He turned around and bent over. He told me to tongue fuck his ass. I had never done that before but leaned forward and put my tongue on his asshole. I began to tongue fuck him and started to enjoy it. His cock was still hard when he turned around and stuck it back in my mouth. He began to mouth fuck me and had me fondle his nuts. I had never seen or felt nuts so large and he was soon thrusting into my mouth as if it was a tight cunt. Without warning me he started cumming, filling my mouth until his jizz squirted out. He kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again. He kept saying things like "You're the best cocksucker I've had," and "You like that man juice in your gullet, don't you, cunt?" I was turned on by his words.

I thought he would suck my cock as well, but instead he had me lay down on my stomach. As soon as I was prone he laid on top of me and I felt his cock at my ass. Even though I told him I didn't do anal he shoved his still lubed cock into my asshole. I thought it would hurt but it was wonderful.. He started to fuck my ass and I gave into it. He fucked me for about 15 minutes then turned me over. He lifted my legs and shoved his cock back into me.

He leaned over and kissed me. I responded. His tongue explored every part of my mouth and hes thrusting made my cock hard. The harder he fucked me the harder my cock god, sandwiched between us. Before he could cum again I felt my nuts tighten up and I started cumming. He raised back up and scooped up my cum with his fingers. He fed them to me and I eagerly took them. I sucked my cum off of them like I was made for it. He continued to fuck me for another 20 minutes until he came a second time, this time inside my ass.

He laid on top of me for another 20 minutes as we rested. Then he said it was time for me to go. I thought I did a pretty good job for him, but as I was leaving he said, "You know, you suck like an old woman and your man cunt isn't worth putting my cock in. Maybe next time you'll get it right." with that he pushed me out the door and threw my clothes behind me. As much as I was humiliated I couldn't wait until next time.