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My aunt Jenny often comes over and she and my mom drink wine until all hour of the night. When she's a little drunk she tends to talk dirty. I was still in High School when one night dad was out of town and aunt Jenny was over. We were sitting at the kitchen table chatting. Jenny was sitting next to me and was about half drunk. I was sitting next to her when her hand reached down and grabbed my thigh. I don't think my mom even noticed when Jenny ran her hand up and down my thigh. She tole me not to move and took another drink of her wine. As they chatted my cock was growing with each stroke of her hand. It finally made its way up to my cock and she squeezed a little. Nobody had touched my cock other than me and my mom when I was a baby and she changed me. Mom got up to use the bathroom and Jenny turned to me. Then she said, "Honey, you have a man-sized cock. I've gotta have it down my throat." That got me so excited that before mom could return she had me cumming in my jeans. I was embarrassed but Jenny seemed to take it in stride.

I excused myself when mom came back in and walked down the hall toward my room. Jenny said she had to use the bathroom and that she might be a bit. I turned into my room and she followed me. We were out of sight from my mom so there was no chance of her seeing us. Jenny turned me around and planted her big lips on my mouth, parting my lips with her tongue. I apologized for cumming in my pants and she just chuckled. She reached down and undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor. My underpants were wet and sticky from my cum and her hand reached in and grabbed my cock. I was still half hard and she pulled my shorts down. She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth, essentially sucking the cum off. Never did I dream anything could feel so good as her lips on my cock. She had me fully hard in no time. Her hand found my nuts and eventually found my asshole as her hand rubbed back and forth under my nuts. My teenage cock couldn't handle it and when she shoved two fingers into my asshole I started cumming. I wasn't sure I should cum in her mouth but she took it like a champ. She took my entire load and finally took her mouth off my cock.

She left my room and I changed clothes. When I walked back into the kitchen Jenny was standing behind my mom with her hands playing with mom's exposed tits. Mom had her eyes closed and didn't notice me as I watched Jenny feel her up and eventually they were kissing. I backed off into the hallway and peeked as Jenny turned my mom around and laid her on the table. He pulled her pants and panties off and knelt down. I was shocked to see my aunt Jenny (my dad's sister) licking mom's cunt. They acted like this was a normal thing between them. Mom was totally wasted and forgot all about me. Even after cumming two times my cock was hard again. Jenny knew I was there and waved me over. I slowly walked into the living room. Mom was moaning and cussing and Jenny told me to strip. I did and she pushed mom back until her head was off the end of the table.

"Put your cock in her mouth" Jenny said. Mom opened her mouth and I thought "Why not?" and stepped up to my mom. I put my cock on her lips and she sucked it in like a vacuum. Nature took over and I started to mouth fuck her. My mom seemed to want it more than life itself. She sucked me until I was about to cum again. I reached down and pulled her nipples. She was mumbling "Oh, fuck, Jen, I'm cumming." Her words were muffled by my cock and a few minutes later I started cumming again. She sucked down my jizz like it was honey. When I pulled my cock out I was as clean as a newborn. Jenny pulled her up and they kissed. I sat and watched them for another half hour before I finally went to bed.

Jenny was still there in the morning when I got up. She came out of my mom's room and made me promise not to speak of the night before. Mom didn't remember anything when she got up, and when Jenny finally left she pulled me aside and said the next time she came over she would see that I got to fuck both of them. She knew that mom got so drunk her memory of it never surfaced. That was many years ago and I still remember the many nights my mom sucked my cock in a drunken stuper and the times I fucked her. I even got to fuck her in the ass a couple of times. She has never mentioned it and I never will. Now I take those lessons in my own marriage and have found that my wife is very pliable when she's wasted.