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My wife and I have been married for 2 years, we dated when we were in high school but went to different schools. She had a best friend that they had almost all classes together and spent a lot of time. After we got married and a year and a half into the marriage she confessed that she had sex with her best friend in the locker room I was upset that she didn't tell me this in the beginning and told her to tell me the truth about high school and what had happen. She told me her best friend and his friend took turns with her in the locker rooms. She told me every detail about what happen and thinking about it got me turned on so we agreed on meeting with her best friend from school to see if we can do something. We ended up going for dinner as we left his friend told us to go to a club after on his car and made me drive while he sat on the passanger and my wife on the back seat. My wife said the seat belt did not want to click on and her friend climbed to the back and sat next to her to help her and as I was driving I didn't pay attention to the back for a bit and when I saw to the back he had both her boobs out with one on his hand and other on his mouth. I saw my wifes face that she was enjoying it, I kept looking to the road for a bit and saw to the back once more and I couldn't see my wife anymore as I heard sucking sounds and for sure she was sucking his dick. They began to take off the clothes and saw my wife sit on top of him to ride him while I drove I got super hard as they were fucking on the back seat.