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would you be willing to play a trick on a few churches that played a trick on me Valentines day 2015, At A touch of love ministeries with Bob and June and also at Citybridge church logan they prayed over me wishing me fertility and that a clever long man would come into my life and I naturally was excited and had the image of some hot 25-45 business man or doctor etc and it turned out that on valentines day they got this child of 15 to contact my facebook page and demand nudes and sex from me and naturally I said "NO way you are not the age or the image of a man I was looking for to marry" he was not interested in marriage or kids and certainly I would never call this child clever or good looking. he is ugly long hair and pimples and looked like a spoilt brat. I believe the churches set that all up and it was a very evil thing to do to a woman that loves her faith and god and the holy ghost and so on and who was genuinely looking for marrying quality man with a job and future to offer me together and raising a baby. I got so upset I neverly suicided over it that year. Now I am just plain angry and want revenge. I have had cancer and nearly died in 2013 I was very ill in hospital. I don't find this a funny thing to do to a woman genuinely looking for a honest grown man.

https://www.whitepages.com.au/a-touch-of-love-ministries-11178620/meadowbrook-qld-11178623B ( bob and june are just plain evil) http://www.citybridgechurch.com.au/ the paster there is a Vaun Lee and the child who stalked me and abused me was a Lahcy Lee and he said he was from lota. (they are both creepy)

I don't care what you do to them, like play a practical joke on them for valentines day that will hurt their feelings. gt them in porn or get a kid to ask them out and ask for nudes from them. what ever you want to do. just make them hurt for what they did to me breaking my heart and health. I would appreciate your help.