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After my divorce I finally got a girlfriend. We met at a bar and ended up fucking that night. After a few months of being together at the bar one night I had way too much to drink and told her that when I'm drunk I get horny and when I'm this drunk I'll fuck anyone with a mouth or a cunt. She laughed and said it was now her goal to see if I would fuck the ugliest girl she could find. A few minutes later she got up and said she was going to the restroom.

When she came back she had another woman with her. This woman was pretty ugly. She had a really fat ass and not much in the tit area. "Come on, let's go" she said. I staggered after her and the three of us headed home. As soon as we closed the door Debbie (my girl) led me to the couch and stripped me. I plopped down on the couch and Jan (the fat woman) said I was in for the best blowjob of my life. Holy fuck she was right. Even in a drunken stupor her teeth lightly raking over my cock was phenomenal. When I came she took it all and kept sucking until I was hard again. Then she quickly got undressed and knelt down on all fours with her ass facing me.

I realized my cock was still hard when she said to pick a hole and use it until I'm tired of it. I knelt down behind her and put my cock up to her cunt. "Come on already, fuck me" she said. I'd never had any woman talk to me like that before but it was a real turn-on. I rammed my cock in her as far as I could and she squealed. I was able to last quite a long time this time and after about five minutes she told me to use the other hole. I assumed she meant her asshole and I got bold. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and in one motion shoved it in her ass. She squealed again then started moaning. She kept yelling "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck." Then yelled she was cumming. I reached under her and shoved three fingers up her cunt. She squealed again. Then she collapsed to the floor. My cock popped out and she told me to put it back in. It was difficult since her ass was so big but I managed to plop on top of her and shove my cock back in her ass.

I fucked her for another five minutes and she told me to pull out. When I did she rolled over and said to fuck her mouth. I straddled her chest and put my cock back in her mouth. I mouth fucked her mouth for a couple more minutes and started cumming. Again she took it all. I looked over and Debbie was lost in her own masturbating experience as she watched me fuck this fat ugly woman. But Jan was right, this was the best fuck and blowjob I'd ever had. I rolled off of her onto my back. When I woke up they were both asleep on the couch cuddling. We fucked each other the rest of the weekend.

I guess I should get really drunk more often.