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My dad left when I was five. He said it was because mom was a fucking whore. I spent time with both parents for the next 10 years until my dad died of a heart attack. From the time I was nine years old mom would get drunk on the weekends and have different men over. When she was super drunk she didn't even know their names and a bunch of times she would just tell them to put the money on the night stand as they were done with her.

When I was 15 I really started to look at her. She had gorgeous tits and a very pretty face and I could see why many of the men really wanted to be with her. When I turned 16 I decided to experiment. After one of her "friends" left and she was about passed out from the alcohol I would walk into her room and play with her tits. One night she was really drunk and the guy had just left. I walked into her room in my underwear. She didn't even realize it was me and when I walked over to her bed she pulled my shorts down and told me to stick my fucking cock in her mouth. She sucked me until I was hard then told me it was $40 for a fuck and $80 is I came in her mouth. I rolled her over and she got on all fours. I shoved my big cock into her cunt and started to fuck her. This was the first time for me although I jerked off quite regularly. I knew I could cum twice in one night. I fucked her for about five minutes and filled her cunt with my jizz. After I pulled my cock out of her cunt she rolled over and said $80 bucks to cum in her mouth.

I thought "Fuck yeah" and I straddled her chest and put my cock up to her lips. I was still dripping cum and she took my cock into her mouth without missing a beat. She sucked me for the next 20 minutes and I was finally able to get hard. Another five minutes and I was cumming. I filled her mouth with my second load and she sucked me dry. When I was done I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She only said "Just put the money on the night satnd" as she rolled over and was immediately passed out. I spent the next hour playing with her tits and cunt and she never woke up.

She had no idea it was me and we played out this scene several times over the next two years. The day I turned 18 I sat her down. I told her I knew she fucked guys for money. She was a little embarrassed but figured I knew. I also told her that on several occasions I fucked her and she sucked my cock without even realizing it was me. She was such a fucking alcoholic it didn't even faze her. She just said that from now on I get her pussy any time I wanted but she would appreciate a tip now and again. She became my whore and for the next eight years I pimped her out to all of my buddies. I raised the prices and she sucked and fucked anybody I brought to her. Sometimes it was six or eight guys in a night. We went full time with it and I'm about to retire at 26. Just a couple more years and this bitch of a mom will make me enough money that I will throw her away and begin my real life.