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I knew he had a bit of a mean streak when he drank but I loved him anyway. When we started going out I told him I wouldn't let anyone fuck me until I was married and after a year he asked me to marry him. I said yes and four months later we were on the way to our wedding motel. It was a pretty simple wedding and we took off while everyone else was still partying. I had to drive as Terry was a bit drunk. We checked into the motel and he immediately started to strip my clothes off. I was a little nervous as I was still a virgin. I had masturbated a lot and had broke my hymen so I knew the feeling but had never had a real cock inside me.

He got me naked and suggested we take a shower together. When he stripped I got my first look at his cock. He was shaved clean and it looked pretty big. When I asked him how big it got he said it was about seven inches when hard. We washed each other and had fun in the shower. Then we dried each other off and headed to the bed. I figured he would get me wet, fuck me and that would be it. He had other ideas. He laid me on the bed and crawled on top of me. We kissed for a while while ha played with my nipples. I found it pretty exciting. He was still a little drunk and after a while he sat up and drank a couple more beers while we relaxed a bit. Then he crawled back on top of me and we resumed kissing. His leg was between my legs and his knee was rubbing on my pussy getting me wet. I was ready to be fucked. Instead he straddled my chest and put his cock up to my lips. I had never sucked a boy or man before and really didn't want to but he pushed his cock past my lips and said "Suck it like the little bitch you are." I was offended by that and tried to push him away. He grabbed my ears and held my head in one place. "I said to suck it" he commanded.

When I refused to open my mouth he slapped my face. That scared me. He said he would keep slapping me until I opened my mouth. After another slap I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in. He started to fuck my mouth and before I knew it he filled my mouth with his cum. I had no choice but to either choke or swallow. It was nasty but I managed to swallow most of it. I loved him but I hated this. Thankfully he pulled out when he was done. But instead of getting off of me he scooted down and lifted my legs. His slimy cock entered my pussy. I hadn't imagined my first fuck to be like this but was glad his cock was out of my mouth. His cock was bigger than anything I ever put in my pussy and he had me cumming in about three minutes. He said "Tell me you love my cock." When I hesitated he reached up and slapped my cheek. "Tell me" he commanded. I said I loved his cock and he fucked me deeper until I was moaning with pleasure. Then he pulled out and turned me over. He lifted me up onto all fours and I thought he was going to fuck me some more. Instead, he put his cock up to my asshole and shoved it in. It was quite painful and I told him to take it out.

He slapped my ass cheek hard and said "Don't worry, you'll get used to it. All my bitches get fucked in the ass." It hurt to the point I was now crying. He finally pulled out and turned me over again. He stroked his cock until he started to cum again. He shot his load on my tits and scooted up until his cock was between my tits. He wrapped my tits around his cock as he finished cumming. Then he wiped his cum with his fingers and put them up to my mouth. When he told me to open up I was scared not to so I opened my mouth and he put his fingers in and I sucked them clean.

That was a horrible night but over time I learned that if I sucked his cock and took his cum he was happy. I also got used to being fucked in the ass and it's now been about 20 years and my asshole can accept him anytime he wants and I got used to the taste of his cum. I actually got to like the taste and am willing to suck him anytime hi's in the mood. I guess this keeps him from cheating on me and we are as happy as we can be.