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My brother works on ships so he is away for a month and home for a week, mum and dad are divorced so its just us three, My brother arrived home late Friday night, on Saturday morning I was going out, my brother was at the kitchen table finishing his breakfast mum had cooked for him she fussed around him when had been away, I was on my way out by the back door texting to tell my friend where we could meet when I herd my brother say where is Caren that's me, mum said she is out so we are ok do what you like, I was curious they must not have herd me, I peeked around the door they had there backs to me he was sat at the table mum was stood next to him I saw my brother playing with my mothers bottom then he put his hand up her skirt mum parted her legs and bent over the table all I could see was his hand disappear in her skirt, he stood up dropped his shorts and fucked mum where she was it didn't take long before he had cum, I left quietly I could hardly walk I was so wet and excited I had to sit in my car for a while to clam down I was saturated down below, I was not shocked watching my brother fuck our mother I suspected something was going on for a while, I was anger I was in a rage because I wanted what mum was getting I was jealous of her I wanted his dick in me as well I wouldn't have minded sharing, when I got home later they were giving me award looks I think they knew I had seen them fucking, are they going to say anything