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My mom used drugs and when I was 8 I came home from school only to find my mom dead on the couch with a needle in her arm.

When my dad remarried I wouldn't even talk to his new bride much less have anything to do with her. I heard her asking my dad what she could do to make me just talk to her and he said that he took me camping every year and maybe she should take me and he would stay home.

I though about running away but hell where is a 12 year old going to go really. Yes dad did wait a few years before getting married again but dad is 33 and his new wife is 24 and looks like a fucking model not a mother.

I told him I wasn't going and in all the years I lived at home it was the only time he hit me but it was it wasn't smack on the ass, hell no it was a right hook that knocked me on my ass big time. Once I got in the car with my new so called mom she saw in chin where dad hit me and she had tears in her eyes and said she would make sure it was the last time that happened. Hell maybe she isn't all that bad after all.

We went the same place dad and me go and we pack everything in cause there's a lake with fish and a stream for water and that's it. I have to say she didn't bitch and stayed right up with me. Where we go its over 7000 feet up so it takes all day. We made camp and again she didn't slow down and worked just as hard as I did. I cleaned the fire pit from last year and after supper we both were ready for some sleep. What we have is what is called a 4 man tent but there's no way you could get 4 men in it maybe 3 if they were small.

After we undressed inside our sleeping bags I noticed she had perfume on and yes it smelled good but you don't wear that camping and I told her so. In the morning she asked where she could bathe and I pointed to the lake. I thought ok here it comes but she only said no peeking. Now I'm a month from being 13 and a blond blue eyed model is going to get nude, fucking right I'm going to look step mom or not.

I heard her get in the water and I walked to the waters edge looking right at her and with the water being very clear I could see everything. She turned and seen me standing there and I waited for a scream or her to yell but all she said is "If your going stand there why don't you join me the water is wonderful. She watched as I undressed and as I walked in the water she said "You didn't take after your dad did you?" Looking between my legs. I drove under the water coming right in front of her and she put her arms around my neck saying "I hope we can be very close friends so day." As she pushed me under the water. After we got out of the water we stayed naked and I didn't feel uncomfortable being that way in front of her, maybe cause we aren't that far apart in age.

That night when we got in the tent we did have a long talk and I told her I didn't have anything against her it was finding my mom the way I did that made me not want a new mom. She asked if we couldn't just be best friend and not to think of as my mom. That seem to help a lot.

That night a storm moved in and it got cold, I mean freeze your ass off cold. We knew we had to sleep together in one sleeping bag with the other one over us. At first I had my back to her and I felt her arm over me with her hand close to my cock. I was wishing she would go a little lower, but she said her back was getting cold and for to change. I swear I didn't put my cock against her very firm ass but that's where it ended up and being there I started to get hard. She wiggled her ass saying something is waking up and I bet it has ideas how to stay warm.

She moved up and when my cock slipped below her ass she pushed back down making the head of my cock hard against something I wasn't sure what until she opened her legs and grabbing my cock rubbing it against herself and saying "Don't tell your dad."

She pushed herself down and back as I felt my cock going in a very warm wet place. Without even thinking I pushed back going all the way in and her saying "Yes god yes fuck me." I began fucking her like I thought I should having never done it before. She yelled she was coming and with no one in over a mile or two away she let it rip. I could feel I was getting close and when I came I yelled just like she did.

Before the sun had come up she showed me how and where to lick her pussy to get her off and she sucked me deep in her mouth and didn't stop when I came in her mouth either, but did make a show of her swallowing my cum.

I lost count on how many times we fucking in the 5 days we were there but we both lost some weigh cause you have to catch fish or find berries and things to eat but we were to busy fucking to find food. I fell in love with her after the second day and her with me.

On the way home she told me that her and my dad are trying to have a child and that she could have my child inside her right now. As it turned out she is pregnant, dad thinks its his cause she showed him the home testing stick telling him it was from before she went camping with me but I know better cause I watched her use it and watched as it turned up positive.

We still fuck when ever we can and there's nothing like feeling your baby moving inside the one you love as you make love to her.