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Growing up with my buddy Art was a blast. He was a lot bigger and stronger than me and had a really big cock. When we turned 18 we both moved out and shared an apartment. It was the only way we could make it. We did most everything together. When we both had turned 21 we started to frequent the bars on Fridays after a long work week. Being with him was great. He always got his choice of women and I usually took the other one. We often took them back to the apartment and spent a couple of hours in our separate rooms. I learned how great a nice blowjob was and a couple of times the women I had would suck my cock after I fucked her. I thought there was nothing better.

On rare occasions Art went out by himself and would brag about the blowjob he got. One weekend he went to visit his parents for a couple of days so I decided to snoop. I made sure I was alone and went into his bedroom to look around. I happened to sit at his computer desk and looked through the history. I knew he liked porn but what I found was mostly gay porn. I was rather shocked. I had no interest in other men and had no idea he did. I also found that he had been visiting gay dating sites. Was that where he went when he went out alone? It made me a little uncomfortable living with him knowing this.

I stewed on it the entire week and Friday while we were eating dinner I brought it up. "Hey buddy, I have a confession to make. I snooped while you were gone and saw some weird things on your computer." Then he asked "What the fuck are you saying?" "Um, I found some gay stuff on your computer and was confused." He laughed a little. "Okay. I have a confession too. I'm bi-sexual. Is that a problem?" I didn't expect him to confess this. "I don't know" I said. We were finishing up and he said, "Come on. Let me show you something." I thought he was going to show me something on his computer. When we got his bedroom he said, "Ever have a guy suck your cock?" I said that I hadn't and I wasn't gay. He said he wasn't either until a guy sucked his cock. As he was talking he started to unbuckle my pants. When I started to push him away he said "I can either hurt you and suck your cock or you can just let me suck your cock. Now shut the fuck up and cooperate." I could tell he wasn't kidding. I was about to have my cock forced into his mouth and knew he wasn't kidding. I was scared at that moment. He continued to take my pants off and I was frozen in place. He pulled my pants and shorts off and knelt down in front of me. As soon as my cock went into his mouth I felt myself start to grow. He pushed me back onto the bed and spread my lets and continued to suck me. He wasn't shy with my cock and balls. It wasn't two minutes and I was fully erect. "Oh fuck" I said. This was better than any of the women that sucked me. When I warned any of the women that I was about to cum they all pulled away but when I said I was about to cum he clamped his lips around the head of my cock and swallowed every bit I gave him.

He kept sucking until I was completely spent. Then he finally got off of me and asked if I liked it. I had to admit that I did. Then he did the unexpected. He stood up and took his pants off and said it was my turn. All of a sudden I wanted to try it. He sat on the bed and told me to kneel in front of him. He didn't say anything else but just waited. I stared at his cock for a minute and it twitched. It was like it was inviting me to suck it. I leaned forward and put my lips around it and tried to do as he did. I slid my mouth up and down and put a hand on his nuts. I forgot it was my best friend I was sucking and it was a total shock when he shot the first shot into my mouth. I started to pull off of him but his hand was on the back of my head holding me down until he had finished cumming. I actually liked it. When I pulled my mouth off of him he said "You'll never get a blowjob from a woman like that." I had to agree it was fucking amazing.

He got up and brought back a couple of beers. It was a little awkward until we had drink about half a dozen and I was pretty lit. "Here, let me show you something else." I said "Okay." He had me kneel down leaning over the bed. He got behind me and I felt his hands massaging my ass. Then his tongue was on my asshole. He spread my cheeks and I felt his tongue roll in and out of my hole. It was feeling really good. But it was an even bigger shock when he put his big cock up to my asshole and started to push in. I started to protest but he pushed in harder. It hurt like a bitch and I begged him to take it out. "Not yet bitch. I'm gonna make you my little slut." His hand was on my back and I couldn't get up. His cock was too big but he didn't seem to care. He turned a little meaner and said he was gonna fuck me until I begged him for it. It hurt so much that within minutes I was actually crying from the pain. But he didn't stop. The longer he fucked me the more the pain subsided. He was a fucking stud with that cock and within 10 minutes the pain started to turn to pleasure. Then I started to thrust back as he thrust forward. I heard myself say "Fuck me deeper."

That made him laugh. He fucked me for another 20 minutes and I was exhausted. He pulled his cock out of my ass and told me to lay on the bed. I was on my back and he pulled me to the edge of the bed and pushed my legs up. "Tell me to fuck you" he said. "Oh fuck yeah. Give me that cock." He didn't hesitate. He shoved his cock all the way into me. He started to fuck me. Then he put his hand on my cock and stroked me five times and I came. It wasn't a lot and he had me cum in his hand. He put his hand up to my lips and told me to clean him off. I did. He finally said he was gonna cum. He grunted and filled my ass with his jizz. It was warm and slippery as he pulled his cock out of my ass. Then he knelt over my face and had me clean his cock off.

He finally got up and went for a couple more beers. When he came back he said "New rules bro. You suck me or let me fuck you any time I say and we'll get along just like we always have, got it." I said "Okay." He had me sleep in his bed that night. We both slept naked and in the morning he had me suck him off again. I was hooked and for the next three years turned into his personal cum whore. Even after he moved out I continued to suck as much cock as I could.