Dirty Confessions - Reveal your innermost secrets.




My name is Wilma Sword and I have to tell someone this, I need to. If my daughter ever found out, I don't know what would happen, but I just have to tell some one. I am now a very old lady and want to set the record straight as to why I have done these things. It started all back in 1989 after my son-in-law was hurt in a bad car accident. He had hit his head and his eyes were swollen shut and he had a very large cut on his forehead. He had spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital and was recently released to be at home. It is a day I will never forget. My daughter Sharon had asked me to go over to their house and check in on him while she was at work. Since he was unable to see with his eyes swollen closed from the accident, she said that I would need to make sure to check and see if he needed any pain medication and that he was comfortable and all right. I waited until my husband James had gone off to run his route at work, and I called my daughter's house to see If there was an answer. It just rang and rang before I got their answering machine. I decided I had better go check on Gary since there was no answer. It was only a short drive, a couple of miles, so I just went in my smock dress, as it didn't take me long to get there and I was not going out in public. I both knocked on the door and rang the doorbell, but there was still no answer. I was starting to get a little bit of concern that he was all right. I used my key to unlock the door and I went inside. I called for Gary, but I didn't get any answer. I checked around the house and found him asleep in the bedroom. He was laying there completely unclothed and his penis was exposed where I could see it. I stood there for a minute looking at it and found myself wishing that my husband James' penis was that large. I could feed myself getting excited in a woman's way that I should not have, but I still stood there admiring the size of his penis. I took the bed covers and moved them up over his private area and then I tried waking him up. When he awoke, he was very groggy, but since the recent accident, I assumed it was from his injuries. I told him that his wife Sharon had asked me to check in on him, and if there was anything he needed or I could do while I was there. He said that his head was hurting and asked if I could get his some of his medication in the kitchen. After giving him two of the pain pills, he said that I needed to write when he took them down on the sheet in the kitchen to keep track of when he could take the next ones. I went into the kitchen to write it down on the log sheet when I saw that my daughter Sharon had just given to of them about an hour previously before she left for work. I became somewhat concerned that he may have taken too many, so I called the pharmacy listed on the bottle about it. They told me that all I needed to do was to just keep an check on him every thirty minutes or so, and that he would probably be just fine and sleep the effects off. Since I was going to be at their house a few hours, I decided to do some of their laundry and the dishes. I checked on Gary every fifteen to twenty minutes just to be safe. He was really affected by those pills because he was thinking that I was Sharon and did not realize who I was. The second time I checked on him after doing the dishes, I found that the bed covers were off and his penis was exposed again. This time though, he had a very large erection and I could not help but stand there and look at it and think about how my daughter Sharon must enjoy it. I had gotten very excited and could feel my vagina tingling. I could not help myself as I lifted my smock and started touching my vagina through my underwear. After a few minutes, Gary made a noise and rolled onto his stomach. I realized what I was doing and started to feel ashamed that I had let myself go that far, even though Gary did not know what was happening. I went over to the bed and tried to wake Gary and get him to roll back onto his back. He woke up after a minute and was very disoriented and, once again, thinking that I was Sharon. I almost screamed when he suddenly slipped his hand up under my smock and started rubbing my vagina! I stood there for a few seconds staring at his erection and then I pushed his had away and said that He needed to go back to sleep. He moved his hand back up under my smock and this time moved my underwear to the side and slid his finger into my vagina. My husband James had not touched me in several years which made it feel so wonderful that my knees got weak and I lost my balance and fell over on the bed onto Gary. Before I could regain my balance, Gary had one hand rubbing my breast, and the other hand rubbing my vagina. I knew i had to get out of the bed, but I had not felt sensations like these in a very long time. As I rolled off of being on top of Gary, he rolled on top of me continuing to rub my vagina. I had a quick orgasm and moaned out loud as he did not stop. He then asked if that felt good and if I wanted more. I told him that we should not be in this position, but he asked why cant a husband satisfy his wife? He had not realized that I was not his wife Sharon, and was still massaging my vagina and had now started mouthing one of my breasts. Thoughts raced through my mind about how this was not right and how this was a sin, but as I had my second orgasm, I closed my eyes and forgot about all of those things. I reached between Gary's legs and started rubbing his erection. I could not believe that it had gotten harder and bigger. As I massaged his penis, he suddenly moved up and I felt the head of his penis enter my vagina! It felt so fantastically wonderful that I must have blacked out because the next thing I remember is that he was all the way up inside of me and moving it in and out. I groaned so loud and orgasmed so hard on his penis I think that I might have blacked out again because I suddenly realized that I was meeting his downward thrusts with equal upward thrusts of my hips, taking as much of his penis inside of me as I could. I knew this was all wrong for me to do, but I could not help myself, and I did not want it to stop now. It took almost 30 minutes, the whole time I was moaning and groaning in pleasure, but I felt Gary start thrusting harder and deeper. Lord help me, i thought, and I could not his penis any deeper even though he was pushing in as much as he could fit in. He made one final and deep push. He stretched my vagina, and as he let out a moan, I felt him start orgasming into it. I could feel my own wonderful orgasm as my vagina contacted tightly around his enormous penis. I could not believe that I was experiencing what my daughter has any time that she wants. As we both finished our orgasms with each other, Gary's body became less tense. His large penis was still all the way up inside of me and filling my vagina. He then leaned over and whispered into my ear that was the best sex and feeling he had ever had, WILMA! Oh can you imagine the shock and horror as I realized that Gary knew it was me the whole time! I had another orgasm right there on his penis again! Gary whispered you should come back tomorrow and take care of me again, Wilma. After I left to go back home, I thought a lot about it, until the next day, when I went back and had Gary satisfy my neglect vagina again. I have continued to have sex with Gary many times, more times after my husband James passed away. I have never regretted the fantastic feelings it gives me as a woman, but I do regret not telling my daughter Sharon. I may give more confessions abut myself and my son-in-law Gary, but for now, my therapist suggested that I tell people anonymously and see if that will help clear my conscience.