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28 Army wife my horniness has taking over, I masturbate everywhere I go and I have dirty fantasy about daughter it all started at WalMart, I am petite I had my daughter 8 yr old she was in backseat I decided to drive to the back parkinglot where the big rigs park. I Spotted a car park between trucks I parked 2 spaces I could tell from SUV something was going on I parked and to my guess I was right looks like black guy was jerking one off I looked he tried to hide and turn his head, I relax put my feet on dash, he started jerking again I put on my shades to side eye and it was huge whick black cock type you see in porn, I step of pop the back of suv to act like I am looking for something, I see him I go back to my door he see me I bend over and show my ass and legs, he gets out go to his truck I build enough courage I get out my daughter is eating, I ask sir do you need help with that laughing he said yeah something about his room money is due by 11 am so its around 8am now I ask were is your room, he says Richmond Inn which is known for hookers and tranny, I say how much is room him $40. Make a deal so I followed him to room about 10mins away, we arrived I could see some hookers standing by doors and stuff , he rolled down window I told him it would look right my daughter went in his room, I had idea, me and daughter went in office I told arab guy I was lost and me and daughter needed a room he said $45 I gave him 50 got room key I told guy outside come to my room and few mins I ask did..he knocks on door I ask was ok if daughter stay n bathroom, he said he dont care if watch, I sat on edge bed tippy toes I rub his legs up to pelvis, I said Emily dont tell daddy, his shorts coming down I was shocked once it all was out it bounced in front of my face, my daughter yelled Oh My Gosh, smelt ahhh, he grabs my head I open mouth it slides into my lips I touch it to pull it to my mouth, I hear my spit slurping I am into it, his balls are swinging I lick those while jerking him, my daughter is in shocked, I tell him to fuck me real quick, I laid on bed put my legs up had to be almost 10 1/2 inches, he slapped it on my pussy, he laid it on my stomach and started grinding, at that moment I want my daughter to join she looked good over there i felt his head go inside my hole it hurt I yelled eyes rolled back, I looked down after mins it was creamy going in and out, we fuck somemore he ask did I have condom, I said what you have something if so its to late I feel you in me mister, I got on top cowgirl he came so hard, all that to say I want a BBC to fuck my daughter