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I got injured at work and was bed bound for a few days.

My mother in her 60's came to help me in & out of bed, go to the toilette and get a bath.

On the second day she helped my into the shower. I was nude and she had her cloth on. I got hard and when she helped me out and dry up I stated pleasing myself in front of her. First she asked :"..what are you doing?" I told her I make myself come. She"..not in front of me!" Well, it took me a few more strokes and I shot my load into the sink with Mother propping me up and watching. After coming I kissed her on her neck and cheek. She asked what for, I told her for being the best mom in the world.

She did not get the joke at first.

Same day we had a frank discussion about pleasure, with her having a red face and I am sure stealing a glance or two of my penis.