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Im 43 now im a male whos been having sex with my aunt since i was 18. I used to live with her when i was younger it started when i was 16 i was going through puberty late i was curios about girls i had found some old playboy mags i kept in my room.at night i would take them out and juat look at the pictures..one night i passed out while looking at one i had my bottoms off and book at my side my aunt had waken up and noticed i was not up for school yet. She had opened my room door and saw me naked erect and book by my side.i remember her shaking me and telling me that was not acceptable. I quickly realized what she saw i jump out of bed rush to get ready for school..i went to school and returned home after to sit a listen to her scoll me..she wasnt mad but still stern about what she saw time went on i turned 18 and she had reminded me about when i was with a book and nude..she would always corner me about if i was a cherry are have i used my tool so to say.i always shyed away till one night i showed up buzzed she was sitting in her ling t shirt as she always did i shower and slip on my shorts i join her on the couch her tits where exposed through the cotton top i got a little erect ahe noticed fast as i smiled i asked her if she liked what she saw withing a few seconds i offered her to see how well i matured.her hand slipped up my leg with her face close to my stomach ahe reached down my shorts and pulled it out looking at it and softly stroking it i was hot as she smiled and began to lick it my hands whent for her breast she slowly sucked me down i could feel her moans as she kept her lips tigjt now you get on your knees she opens her legs and pulls my head in her pussy lick it i lick her till shes moaning and pulling my hair im cumming shes gasp im flooded with her slime she pulled me up taking me one morw time then slips me in her wet pussy i bagan to in and out i fill my cum bursting deep in her she loves it keep fucking me i cant stop she cums again she gets on all fours and says this is a added bonus i slip in her ass and cum again