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We've been married for 15 years and my husband is out of town a lot. A few months ago was suck an occasion. He would be gone for a week and I was tired of using my vibrator. I invited my friend Toni to go out drinking with me. We got to the bar at 8:00 and by 9:00 were both a bit drunk. Toni was almost passed out in our booth when a large man approached the table. He wasn't that handsome and had a huge belly. He had two beers in his hands. He must have been watching us because those beers were what we were drinking. He asked if he could join us. I thought it wouldn't do any harm so I let him sit. I scooted over and he sat next to me. His name was Pete and he was recently divorced. He spun a sad tale about his wife and I kind of felt sorry for him. By 10:00 Toni was passed out drunk in the booth. I was reeling myself. Pete put his hand on my thigh and asked if I was satisfied with my husband's puny dick. He shocked me with that, then he said, "I got the biggest cock this side of the river." He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I could feel the outline of his cock through his pants. It felt sizable. Before I knew it his hand had moved down and he was stroking my pussy. "Wanna see what a real cock feels like?" he asked. I was really getting horny and after another beer he said he wanted to take me to his place, but he would bring me back to pick up my friend.

"Fuck" I thought. Lack of sex at home and an opportunity here, I decided to give him a chance. He drove me to his house in the country. When we walked in he closed the door and came up behind me. He wrapped his huge hands around me and put them on my tits. I felt him unbutton my blouse and pull my bra up over my tits. His fingers were then working my nipples and I was loving it. With his hands around me he walked me into his bedroom. Then he told me to strip. I did. He pushed my shoulders down to my knees and told me to pull him out. I unzipped him and pulled his cock out. It was only about half hard but already bigger than my husband's. He just stood there staring down at me. I leaned into him and took his cock into my mouth. It took a long time but I finally had him hard. Each time I leaned into him his belly slapped me in the forehead. He unbuckled his pants and told me to take them off. I pulled his pants down and saw the largest nuts I had ever seen. I plunged back down on his cock and started to play with his nuts. "Oh honey, your lips are like silk" he said as I sucked him. Then he laid me on my back on the bedroom carpet and moved around so he was kneeling at my head. He tilted my head back and stuck his cock back in my mouth. I had a hand inside my pussy and when he tweaked my nipples I about lost it. I made myself cum and as I was moaning he grabbed my head and started cumming. He had so much cum I didn't know what to do with it. Most of it came back out of my mouth but I managed to swallow some. He hardly went soft and within a minute he said he was ready to fuck me.

He turned me over and put me on all fours. I expected his cock to enter me but instead he bent down and started tonguing my asshole. My husband never did that but it was totally enjoyable. I started wiggling my ass while he tongue fucked me. This was fucking awesome and when he took his tongue out of my ass I was ready. I literally yelled, Fuck me. Fuck me now." He scooted up and rammed his giant cock inside me. It filled me up like never before. "Oh fuck" was all I could say over and over. Every time he thrust forward his belly slapped against my ass. He fucked me so long I came three times before he pulled back out. He turned me around and said to finish him off. He didn't need to hold me this time. I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked him until he was ready to cum. Then he said "You want it in your mouth or your ass?" I thought for a couple of seconds and figured this was my one chance to try anal so I said "I think I want it in my ass." He put me on my side with my legs curled up and played with my asshole with a finger. Then he gently finger fucked me with one, then two fingers and stretched me out. He pulled his fingers out and I felt his cock enter me. It was big, it hurt and I wanted him to fuck me. I let him fuck my ass for the next five minutes and he pulled me back to him and started cumming. I could feel his warm jizz oozing out of my asshole. It made me cum as well. I nearly passed out when he popped his cock out of me. We rested for a couple of minutes and got dressed.

He drove me back to the bar and I was hornier than ever now. I needed more. I walked back to our booth and Toni was still passed out. I looked down at her and started to rub my hand up and down her thigh. Then I started rubbing her cunt. She moaned. It was very dark in here so nobody could see us so I leaned over and kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she responded. For the next half hour I played with her tits and cunt. I even snuck my hand down her slacks and finger fucked her for a while. She finally woke up and I drove her home. She is divorced and lives alone and invited me to stay the night to sober up. She was still quite drunk.

We ended up taking a shower together and while I thought she was still drunk I let her go down on me and tongue fuck me until I came. I fell asleep after that. I woke up about 9 the next morning with her laying half on top of me fingering my cunt. "You know" she said, "I really enjoyed last night. I didn't know you swung this way but now that I know I think we could have some fun times. She made me cum twice that morning before we got up and had breakfast. I was a little embarrassed but have never had a night and morning like that. She was very open about it and said that whenever I had the urge to lick her pussy or have her pussy licked to just come over, anytime night or day. After I got home I thought about it and two days later I took a bottle of wine over to her. Bang! We were at it again. Fuck, now I'm hooked on cunt as well as cock.