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Not too long after getting married, my wife and I were hanging out and drinking with a friend of mine. He was in the process of getting a divorce and not really feeling the love for his soon to be ex. He decides to pull out a sex tape they had made for us all to watch.

We were all pretty drunk and horny. I whispered to my wife and asked if she could handle two cocks. She giggled and said she could if I was okay with it.

Well I told her to go for it because I knew he wouldn’t say no.

She moved over and started rubbing him through his jeans which he quickly lost after a glance in my direction. She started sucking him while I removed her pants and moved in to lick her pussy. I love licking pussy.

Soon she flipped around to suck my cock while he moved in to fuck her doggy style. It was so exciting watching her get fucked while looking up at me. We kept this up for a while and he finally came in her. Her tubes were tied so it was okay.

She turned around and licked his cock clean and I got behind her and fucked her till I shot my load in with his.

We decided to end the night on that note and we got dressed and went home. All I could think about was getting her home and in bed. As soon as I did I dove between her legs and ate her like a starving fat kid. It was only later that I even thought about the fact that I had eaten not only my cum but his too.

Now a days I love to have her ride me until I cum and then crawl up on my face and make me clean her pussy.