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My cousin is sexy redbone i remember when younger we were like each others 1st i was like 9 she was like 13 i remember sucking her she made me finger her, so I have been helping her the last few years or so just cleaning house, hanging with her doing man chores since she cant keep a man. She called ask if i can help clean basement i was going through boxes her dad was helping some on box was filled with nasty crazy porn she told me hide it from dad, so i whispered u a freak huh she smiled, fast forward that night I stayed we havent did nothing since played mommy&daddy i am 30 she 34 we had drinks i start talking the game she was getting wasted, her camel toe was getting me horny, she sat beside me with just bra and panties, i blew on her neck, she kissed me while rubbing my chest, she reach and pulled down my shorts my dick rock 91/2 she sucked it no questions, it was ok then she spit and got sloppy we fucked for a while everywhere, i remember her cummin 3 times, i came in her mouth, and later in her.since she moved back Last year its been our secret, recently I found some antiboitics in her room for std's so i wonder if thats why she cant keep a man....we have passionate sex few weeks ago I came in her and let while guy too..Now she saud shes feeling like when she had her daughter, so it maybe mine so idk who to do this our bond is crazy good hope noone in family finds out