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So I was at work and the boob lady came in and stood at my window. She said she had never been fucked like that before and wanted to do it again the next Saturday. I told her to meet me at 8:00 Saturday and we'd go at it again. Saturday came and she met me. She was in a button down blouse and skirt this time. No bra again but that only enhanced the experience. We got on my Harley and drove out to the same spot we were at the week before. In fact my towel was still on the ground. I forgot to pick it up last time. We were secluded and when we got off the bike I unbuttoned her blouse. I played with her tits as we kissed. Then she said it was my turn to take my clothes off. She pulled her skirt down and was bare from the waist down. She said she had a special treat for me today. I said I couldn't wait. We were both naked now and she kissed me and put her arms around my neck. She was rubbing her thigh against my cock and making me hard. Then she asked if I liked my ass played with. When I told her yes she whistled. She kissed me again and I felt a second pair of hands on my ass cheeks. She had my neck really tight and I couldn't pull away right away. She broke the kiss and said "This is my husband Ray and he likes fucking anything that breathes." She took my hand and put it on his cock. He was naked also and I felt a cock that was probably a little bigger than mine. He had been waiting there in the brush for us to arrive. I had never sucked or fucked another man before but when she said it was three or none I had a second thought.

"Why is he here?" I asked. Then she said if I didn't suck his cock she would tell my wife everything and even make up some stuff. I had been curious on occasion and had thought about it, but now was the reality. He turned me around. He was a clean cut man and pulled my face to his and kissed me. His lips were soft and his tongue was strong. I responded. Then he pushed me down by my shoulders and said to make him hard. I looked at his uncut cock and was mesmerized by it. I leaned in and put it in my mouth. Wow! What an experience. I moved up and down and was amazed at how soft the skin was even as he got hard. His foreskin popped over the head and within minutes he was as hard as I could get him. He was moaning and told me to stop. When I took my mouth off I looked over and she was fucking herself with a big rubber cock. As I looked again I saw that she had a second one in her ass. Then she said, "If it's good enough for me, it's good enough for you." Then he told me to turn around. I did and he bent me over my Harley. As he held my back down with one hand and played with my asshole with a wet finger I felt the first object up my ass ever. It wasn't that painful, then he replaced his finger with the tip of his cock and slowly pushed in. He rested inside me for a minute to let me relax. Then he started to slowly fuck my ass and said, "Now you can truly tell your friends you've had sex on your Harley."

He took his hand off of my back and I didn't try to protest but just let him fuck me this way. It started to feel good. Then she scooted between his legs and mine and was sucking my half-hard cock. I was being fucked and sucked at the same time by a married couple. I never realized there were people like this in the world. The more he fucked me the better it felt and soon I was ready to cum. I told her I was there and she just kept sucking until I was spent. She sucked me completely dry. What a fucking feeling, being sucked to orgasm while being fucked at the same time. About the time she pulled her mouth off of me he pulled out of my ass and told me to turn around. I did and he had me sit down. He wiped the shit off of his cock and put it up to my lips. He didn't say anything but pushed past my lips until most of his cock was in my mouth. I started sucking him like she did me. I wasn't sure if I wanted him to come in my mouth but had no choice when he filled my mouth with his jizz. I swallowed nearly all of it as he pumped shot after shot into me. "Oh fuck man" he said. "She was right. You are incredible. Not only did you give my wife the fucking of a lifetime you just sucked me as good as any woman I've ever been with."

We all got dressed and she said she would ride home with her husband. I drove home alone pretty satisfied. About three days later she showed up at my window at work again. She leaned in and gave me a thumb drive and walked away. On my break I plugged into my personal laptop in my car and saw myself being ass fucked and sucking his cock and taking his cum. After the main part of the video was over he came on and said that I was their bitch now. Either I satisfy either or both of them whenever they wanted or my wife and my facebook would see the video. At first I thought I was stuck. Then it dawned on me - I would get as much pussy and cock as I needed as their wants dictated. I guess in the long run I was kinda okay with it after all.