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I'm a 35 year old male who many people think is a nudist but its much more complicated than that. I grew up alone with just my single mother and as a kid I didn't like wearing cloths. My mother never stopped me except when we had company over up until I was 10 or 12. She began insisting I cover myself but even then every chance I had I was naked in the house. It wasn't like I wanted to expose myself to anyone but just the feeling of being free of any cloths. There were many times that people saw me naked and my mother was furious at me for my lack of modesty especially when I got to my teen years. she was ok if I at least had underwear on or at minimum had a towel around me. She reprimanded me about it all the time but whenever she was out of the house my cloths came off. I did masturbate frequently but never in front of anyone purposely. A few of my mothers friends saw me naked over those years even a few of her male friends and boyfriends who thought I was a weird kid. I never went out of my way to have someone see me nude but it never bothered me if anyone did. I never went around naked anywhere except at home and never considered myself an exhibitionist. I always slept naked since I was a young kid and still do today and never wear anything when I get home from work. I've lost friends and girlfriends because of it and have neighbors who don't even talk to me. I bought a small ranch house 4 years ago and through no fault of my own many neighborhood girls have seen me naked numerous times. Since I moved in the police have come to my house 5 times because a neighbor called complaining they saw me naked. The truth is if they did then they had to be on my property since my house is on 5 acers of ground with a large wooded area in the back. I do have posted signs on the rear of the property but people still walk back by the small creek. I do go out on my back deck naked often but to see me they would have to be on my property. I've never been arrested for it since anyone who has seen me naked had to be trespassing. Twice that I know of some girls saw me masturbating on my deck but they must have been there to watch me but both times the police were called. I don't know how many times I've been seen naked and just don't care. The girlfriend I have right now for the last 7 months is ok with my nudity for now but thinks I'm a little nuts. Maybe I am but this is the way I am comfortable.