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I am a fit, attractive, independently wealthy male in my early forties. I work from home most days. My door bell rarely rings. Hell, the UPS and FedEx guys don’t even ring the door bell anymore.

Earlier this summer, I was having my morning shower, “rubbing one out” while watching a porno on the smart tv in the shower. Just before I was about to explode like a volcano, I heard a loud knock and several rings of my doorbell. I jumped out of the shower and threw on my boxer shorts thinking I had to sign for one of the many packages I get most every day. As I ran by the alarm system screen, I saw a gorgeous, slender blonde girl at my door. I sprinted to the door to open the door before she could have a chance to leave. I had to know why this goddess was at my door.

When I opened my front door, I saw this beautiful blonde haired, green eyed, petite framed, college aged girl, who had copper tone tan skin, wearing a yellow floral sundress. The moment I saw her, my cock started to get hard again. I knew she knew it too because she looked down and cleared her throat. The very first thing she said to me was, “do you usually come to your door wearing nothing but boxer shorts sporting a huge fucking erection”? The only thing I knew to say back was, “only for you, so considering it a flattering compliment to how gorgeous you are.” I then asked her, “would you like to come inside?” To which she shockingly replied, “as long as you cum inside me!”

As I opened my door to go inside, she grabbed my raging hard on, as she passed by me. I told her, “my office is upstairs, on the right.” I followed her up the stairs she held onto my cock and bent her over my desk as soon as she walked into my office. I lifted up her sundress and peeled it off her body revealing her perfect 34C breast

I began fondling her nipples and kissing her Neck and ears until she uttered “fuck me now with your giant cock’”. I immediately reached down and grabbed her string bikini underwear and yanked it from her hips. She then spread her legs revealing to be one of the most photogenic pussies I’ve ever seen. I did not think twice before I buried myself balls deep into her. We fucked every day for weeks until she had to go back to college. Working from home will never be the same!