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I've been married for 14 years and a few weeks ago I came home early from work and caught my wife watching gay porn. She didn't hear me and was using her dildo on herself when I walked into the room. I stood there for a minute or so and walked up behind her. Then she noticed me. She hemmed and hawed about watching gay porn and finally admitted that she thought it was hot. I thought it was really weird since I'm not gay and have never had a gay encounter. Then she said she wanted to see me get fucked by a man. I said she was out of her fucking mind. I think she was a little drunk. She closed down the site and said she wanted me to fuck her. I'm always ready to fuck so I pulled her into the bedroom. She excused herself to use the bathroom. It was strange that she took her phone with her.

She came out a few minutes later and laid on the bed. She told me to strip and eat her cunt. I quickly got undressed and crawled on the bed between her legs. She had a nicely shaved pussy and tasted great. I ate her for a good 20 minutes when I sensed someone else in the bedroom. I started to look around but she clamped her legs around my head and said to tongue fuck her as far as I could. Then I felt a pair of hands on my ass cheeks. She said it was time for me to fulfill her fantasy. I was so fucking horny now I didn't want to stop. My cock was hard and got even harder when the hands on my ass started to rub up and down on my crack. She opened her legs and I didn't pull away. Then she told me to just close my eyes and enjoy. I closed my eyes and felt a wet finger enter my asshole. It actually felt pretty good as I was being finger fucked. I supposed it was a man behind me since this was her fantasy.

Within a couple minutes the finger pulled out of me and I felt something much larger push into my ass. It popped past my sphincter and I now knew I was being fucked by another man. She scooted out from under me and pulled me so I was laying on my belly. The cock was still in my ass and he started to fuck me harder and deeper. I grunted each time he thrust in. This went on for about 10 minutes and he said he was gonna cum. She said to turn over and keep my eyes closed. To make sure I couldn't see she put my pillow on my face. He pulled his cock out of my asshole and straddled my chest. She moved the pillow up so I couldn't see but my mouth was exposed. I heard her wipe his cock off and then I felt it up to my lips. She said to suck it like I liked being sucked. I figured that since I'd already been fucked I might as well finish it off so I took his cock into my mouth. In a minute he said he was cumming. She pulled his cock out of my mouth and said to keep my mouth open. I did and he started cumming. He hit my forehead then shoved his cock back in my mouth. She squealed as he filled my mouth with his jizz. She said to swallow all of it so I did. When I had sucked him dry he pulled out of my mouth and I heard him leave the bedroom. She then mounted my face with her cunt on my mouth and I could taste her flowing juices.

When she had cum again she finally rolled off of me. She wouldn't tell me who had fucked me but said that if I really liked it she was open to even more. I said that I liked it and we have been swinging for the last few months. I've sucked and fucked so many cocks and cunts since we've been doing this that both my mouth and asshole are wore out. I finally said I needed a week off. She gave it to me but next Friday she said there was a 6 couple get together and I was expected to make every man there cum. I agreed and can't wait until Friday. It'll be fun...