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My parents bought a condominium last year in a real nice development that has a great pool, basketball courts and tennis courts. Our unit is ground floor and in the back is a driveway and access to the woods behind it. My dad is a dentist and my mom runs the office for him so I am alone often all summer and now back to school alone most days after school. It depends on how busy they are and most days don't get home until 9 pm or later. I'm 17 now and have plenty of games but not any close friends anymore since we moved. It was last summer when this first started and it began as embarrassment but soon changed into something my parents would kill me for doing. My room has a private bathroom as does my parents room. Mine is in the back of the apartment and one night as I got out of the shower I saw 2 girls running away from the window. I was sure they saw me naked and think I was mad about it but it was me who left the window open on the bottom. That was 11 months ago and within a week of that night I began letting them see me naked. Instead of being mad they looked in the window the thought of it began giving me a hard on. I started making sure they could see into my bathroom and my bedroom just by opening the window and pulling up the blinds. Over a few weeks times I noticed there were a few different girls outside and I think most of them were 13 to 15. I had it planned where I turn on my bathroom light and sit by my bedroom window until I see them coming down the driveway or out of the opening to the woods. The only one of these girls I know is Valerie who is at freshman at my school. There must be 7 or 8 other girls who have watched me but I only recognize one of them and don't know her name. When I know they are at the windows I get so turned on I masturbate, sometimes in the shower and sometimes in my bedroom. I didn't do it at first but started to let them see me pee sometimes. other times I undress in front of them and just go around my room naked bending over to pick up something just to expose my butt to them. I make sure my bedroom door is locked all the time incase my parents get home to early. I think most of those girls must live nearby someplace but only 2 of them I saw at school. I only talked to Valarie two times but the other girl I never spoke to and don't see her often at school Valarie has the same lunch period I do so I see her often but never talk to her. I think she was one of the first two girls to see me naked and think she is the one who brought the other girls. During the summer there were 2 or more girls out there a lot sometimes 3 or 4 nights a week. Last year during school it wasn't as often. Sundays my parents are home all day and also Wednesdays when the office is closed. Whats funny is the one time I did talk to Valarie she told my my dad was her dentist. This past Tuesday 2 girls were outside and both watched me jerk off in the shower and when I went in my room I just laid on the bed naked and watched tv. They were looking in for about 10 minutes then before they left.. I'm glad I don't know who most of these girls are but as long as they keep coming to watch me I keep letting them see me naked and watching me jerk off.