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I'm a crossdresser. My wife and I have a very open marriage and she supports me in this. We are about the same size and I let her have all the cock she wants and she lets me have all the cock I want as well. A couple months ago we got me all dressed up. She was impressed that I looked as good as she did. She kissed me and told me to have fun. I had sucked a couple of cocks before but had never been fucked. I tot to the gay bar in town and sat at the bar. After a couple of beers a good looking guy sat next to me and offered to buy me a drink. I told him right away I was a man looking for some cock. He didn't seem to mind and kept buying me drinks. After about four I was reeling. He offered to show me a good time so I agreed to let him take me to his place. He drove.

It was a trailer park and I was a little disappointed but knew I wanted a cock that night. We walked in and he locked the door. It was actually quite nice inside. He said he was in town for a year for his job and his wife was in another state. Then he said he really liked fucking little pussy boys like me. I was offended at first but then thought this might be fun. Then he said to get down and suck his cock. I was more than eager and when I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out I was impressed. It was much bigger than mine and uncut. I put him in my mouth and rolled his foreskin over the head and he was soon hard. He had me suck on his nuts and keep him hard with my mouth. I have naturally long hair and he twirled his fingers in the back and pulled me onto his cock until I was starting to choke. Then he called me a little man-cunt and said he was going to fill my throat. With him pulling my hair toward him I didn't have much of a choice when he started cumming. I swallowed every drop and even sucked him clean. He stayed hard and said to strip while I sucked him. I had been on hormones and my tits were fairly small for a woman but pretty big for a man but my nipples were quite large. When I got my top and bra off he pinched both nipples and pulled until I begged him to stop. He said "I'm gonna make you cry cunt." He pulled and twisted until I actually started to cry a little. It hurt but at the same time my cock was growing. It's not big but still gets pretty hard. When I asked if he was gonna suck my cock he said "No. I don't suck cock. I only fuck little fags like you."

He told me to turn around and get on all fours. I was grateful he stopped mashing my nips so I turned around and knelt on all fours. He rubbed my asshole for a few seconds with a wet finger then shoved his large cock into me. It about split me in two. He wasn't slow or easy but started to fuck me hard and deep. I was openly weeping as he fucked me for the next 15 minutes. By about minute five my asshole was numb and within a couple more minutes I was pushing back as he thrust in. Man this guy could fuck. I told him I had never been fucked in the ass before and he said that after this I wouldn't want anything smaller than his monster cock. He finally came again and filled my ass. Then he pulled his cock out of my ass and had me suck him again until he was ready to cum a third time. I took it all once again and he finally pulled out after I had cleaned him off completely.

When he was completely spent and clean he pulled out of my mouth and said it was time for me to get the fuck out. He wouldn't even drive me back to my car. It was about two miles away and I finally staggered to my car. When I got home my wife needed to hear all about it. When I told her I finally got ass fucked she almost leaped with joy. Then she pulled out a strap on that I didn't know she had and told me to get on all fours. I stripped and knelt on the bed where she proceeded to fuck me for another half hour and I actually came on the bed with her rubber cock in my ass. It was the start of something awesome and now she fucks me at least four times a week. My tits are growing and my cock is shrinking and we have decided that not only am I her bitch but her whore as well.