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I was in my girlfriends room with the door closed and we were kissing pretty heavily when her dad barged in and caught us . He moved so fast I didn't have time to react and before I knew it he had grabbed me by my throat and was holding me up and my feet wernt even touching the ground. He screamed at me asking me what the fuck I thought I was doing with his little girl, I really wanted to answer him but his hand was wrapped around my throat and cut my air off,I couldn't breathe at all and was starting to black out. Somewhere in the back ground I could hear Kelly screaming,,sounded like she was about half a mile away. I couldn't make out what she was saying but what ever it was worked because her dad just let go of my throat and I dropped like it been shot . I looked up at her dad ,he was looking at and asked her if she was lying to him and she said she wasn't lying and that we are just friends . Her dad told her it sure looked like my hands were all over her and she laughed and said they might have been but Daddy,,,Brian is gay,,that is why we are so close , because he ubderstands me and we can do anything we want and he is always a perfect gentleman. The last thing on his mind id wanting to fuck me . He smiled and looked at me and asked it this was true and I told him that I loved his little girl but like a sister would ,I told him that I am gay and I only like boys. He smiled again and said is that so then he turned and yelled for Tim and a second later a boy who was clearly gay appeared at the door and his dad told him I was his sisters friend but we would get along great because I like sucking cock also.He looked at me as he was leaving the room and told me to enjoy and told Kelly to go with him and let us have a little privacy . She gave me one of those dirty smiles and winked at me and closrd the door.Tim pushrd me to my knees and pulled his huge cock out and told me he was going to enjoy this. I looked up at him and told him that I am not gay and he laughed and told me he knew that but I have a choice,,,either suck his cock or wake up in the hospital because his dad found out that I am not gay and really was trying to get in his daughters pants. I opened my mouth and for the first time ever sucked another guys cock .When the time came he didn't say a word ,,just exploded in my mouth ad I didn't have to be told to swallow and I didn't waste a drop.After a few minutes I told him thankx,,he could wave gave me a heads up before cumming in my mouth and he said well you are fucking my little sister,,I had to let you know I wont stop till I kill you if you hurt my little sister . We both laughed and immediately became friends although im not sure if it was because he really likrd me or because I sucked his cock and he knew that U would be doing it agaun