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My daughter is a part of a competitive cheerleading squad. For many years, her team mates have spent the night in our home dozens of times.

This last slumber party ended in a way I will never forget!

The girls spent the night on a Friday night. That next morning, my wife took 4 of the girls home since they all lived in the direction of a large mall my wanted to spend the day shopping at. Conversely, was to be the one to take Hannah home since her house was near the gym I workout at.

After breakfast, my wife headed off with the 4 girls and I headed to go take a shower. A couple of minutes after I got in the shower, I saw one of the bathroom lights turn on. I could not see who was in the bathroom because our master bathroom shower is a large walk in shower room. I assumed my wife had forgotten something so I closed my eyes and started washing my hair. A few seconds later, I feel a hand grab my cock that is smaller than my wife’s hand. I decided for the moment to keep my eyes closed. Once my cock was hard as steel, I felt my long, hard cock enter her warm mouth. Since my wife has not sucked my cock in years, I knew my wife wasn’t sucking my cock. I kept my eyes closed (because it felt so damn good) and just sat down on the shower bench and enjoyed what was happening. A few minutes later when I was about to explode in her mouth, I opened my eyes. Much to my surprise, I looked down to see Hannah’s chestnut brown hair, beautiful face, her crystal blue eyes, and her perfect 34C breasts with eraser sized nipples, her 6 pack abs and the small triangle of pussy hair between her toned, muscular legs. Once I saw her body, I shot 5 large pulsation of cum in her mouth. Much to my surprise, she swallowed my entire load like a pro.

I was so turned on that my cock never went flaccid after she took my cock out of her mouth and climbed up my body to kiss me. As she climbed on top of me, she buried her finger nails into my chest. The pain shot through me in a pleasurable way and made my cock hard as steel once again. I then grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up until she was standing on the bench with her perfect pussy directly in front of me. I then told her I was about to repay the favor as I placed her soft little clit between my lips. The moment I started sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue at the same time, she started moaning and grabbed my head with both hands to maintain her balance. She told me no guy had ever eaten her pussy and reached a orgasm less than a minute later.

As Hannah stood there convulsing in pleasure, I sat her down in my lap and slid my long, hard, cock deep within her soaking wet, hot, tight little pussy. I found myself wondering if this was actually really happening! I grabbed her by the hips and bounced her up and down on my cock as I nibbled on her nipples. A few minutes later, I felt her pussy get so tight it felt as if her pussy was going to tear my mushroom tip off my cock. As she reached another orgasm, her body went so limp that she nearly fell off my lap. When she finished convulsing, I stood her up and bent her over and she held on to the bench while I fucker her doggie style. When I was about to cum again I asked her if she wanted it in her or on her. She didn’t have a preference so I exploded inside her.

We then took a shower and fucked once more in my bed before I took her home. Since that day, we have fucked multiple times. We fuck in dressing rooms, bath rooms, under interstate over passes, in the woods, and in newly built houses. I’m addicted to her right little pussy and her anatomically perfect body. My nuts constantly ache from me cumming so hard. She lets me fuck her in ways my wife would never allow. Hannah likes it roughy, likes to be submissive and never tells me no!

Cheating on my wife is wrong. But, thank God the laws of consent are what they are in the state we live in. At least what we are doing is not illegal!

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