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I had sucked my first cock when I was 23 years old. I'd been married about two years and my wife stopped sucking mine a few months before. Since that time I'd sucked a couple of guys but had never been ass fucked. That was about 25 years ago. A few months back I was pretty horny so I got on-line to try to find someone to suck me. A local guy responded and we made arrangements. I have an average six inch cock, nothing special. I got to his place and he let me in. He lived alone. He was a few inches taller than me and as soon as the door closed he pulled me to him and kissed me. His tongue found the inside of my mouth and explored me. He was definitely the alpha in this. He told me to strip so I took my clothes off. My cock was about half hard. He told me to get on my knees and take his pants off. I unbuttoned and unzipped him and as I pulled his pants down his cock popped out. I couldn't fucking believe it. He was fucking huge. He pulled my head in and said to suck it. I could barely get more than the head in my mouth but he started moaning as I sucked him like a vacuum.

When he was hard he pushed me away. He finished getting undressed and sat on the sofa. He said to sit on his lap. I knelt on him, his cock sticking up behind me. I felt his hardness in my ass crack. He kissed me again and I felt his fingers starting to play with my asshole. I'd never had anything up my ass before but when he pushed a finger in I said,, "Oh fuck me." He said "Yup. That's exactly what I'm planning to do." I said I wasn't sure about that but he didn't stop fingering me. Then I felt a second finger in me and he was stretching my asshole out. A second time I told him I wasn't sure about this but he just said he was horny and he needed to fuck someone. His cock was still hard when he lifted me off of him and put me on the carpet on my belly. He said I could get on all fours or take it laying down. Now I was scared. I had nowhere to go and he was much bigger than me so I got on all fours. He lubed my asshole and I felt his cock start to enter me. At first it hurt like a fucking bitch but after a minute or so I relaxed my asshole and let him fuck me. It actually started to feel good and I gradually slumped down to the floor on my belly. Now I'm flat on the ground and he's straddling me pounding the shit out of me. It filled me up more than I could ever imagine. He fucked my ass for the next 15 minutes and said he was cumming. I was sort of lost in the moment and didn't tell him no. He filled my ass with the biggest load of cum I could imagine. Even after he was spent he kept his big cock in me for another 10 minutes. When he finally pulled out of my ass I rolled over. We spent some time kissing and just laying there. I hadn't even realized that I had cum sometime during his fucking me.

He went to the bathroom to clean up. When he came back his cock was about half hard and he straddled my chest. He said to suck him. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. It was so fucking big I couldn't believe it. He tried to push it down my throat but I couldn't get even half of it in my mouth. Then he said that I got as much as anybody ever had in my mouth. I sucked him hard and 20 minutes later my jaw was aching and I was ready to quit. But without warning he started to cum again. It didn't taste that great but I had nowhere to go. I was pinned to the floor with a giant cock in my mouth. I managed to swallow it all and he finally pulled out. We chatted a while and agreed to meet again. I got dressed and left. When I got home my wife asked where I'd been. I jokingly said "You know. Sucking cock and getting ass fucked." Then I said, "No, seriously I was at Art's house watching a ball game." That she believed. She'll never find out I like to suck cock but I'll keep on doing it until I don't want it anymore.