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I hooked up with Janice a few years back. I'm in my mid 40s and she was a bit younger. At first our sex life was really good but it wasn't enough for her. She wanted more so she started to have me fuck her in the ass. This was good for a while but still not enough. Then she said she wanted me to get fucked by a man. I'd never even thought about it before and was sure this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but this was too much for me. I told her that I wouldn't do that. Instead she suggested some simple bondage. This I agreed to. She would tie me spread eagle on the bed and either fuck me from the top or suck my cock until I exploded in her mouth. Then one night while sucking me she stuck a finger in my asshole. I begged her to stop as it hurt but she didn't. It ended up with her having three fingers in my ass and I was actually enjoying it. I came harder than ever before.

A couple weeks after that we were in our normal position with me tied to the bed spread eagle but this night she blindfolded me. I thought this was kind of kinky so I didn't say much. She was kneeling on my chest with her cunt at my mouth and I was eating her like I was made for it. Then all of a sudden I felt a tongue on my ass. I tried to ask her what was going on but her cunt on my mouth prevented me from saying much. Then she turned around so her ass was in my face and her cunt was back on my mouth. She was bent over and had my cock in her mouth. About that time the tongue in my asshole pulled out and I felt something much bigger start to enter me. At first I thought it was her fingers but quickly realized it was a large cock. He slowly pushed all the way in until his nuts were slapping against me and he started fucking me a little deeper and harder. At first I hated it but it slowly started to get into it. He fucked me for about half hour and I came twice in her mouth while he fucked me. I ended up begging him to keep fucking me even after he pulled out. His cum was oozing out of my ass and when she finally got off of me.

Then she said that this was the one and only time she would see me fucked, she got dressed, untied me, walked out and I never saw her again. She left and I saw alone. I wept for a couple of days but moved on. Since then I've discovered large cocks and have been fucked for the last 10 years by nearly every cock I can find. I'm still single but suck cock and sit on a large cock every chance I get. Fuck yeah!