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I love to drug and fuck women. Really it’s just my wife now, but she is incredibly hot. There is just something about watching her as the pills or whatever start to kick in. Trying to keep it together. Not sure why she got so tired so quickly. Why she is having trouble walking. The whole time my dick just gets hard thinking about what I’m going to do, how long until I can start, how much will she feel?

Yes it’s nice to fuck her, and she already is ok with anal(most often but not every time), but what really drives me are two things. I want to hurt her; I want to hear about her being molested. Preferably both. For example if she is still conscious all I have to do is talk to her like I was her father while I’m fucking her and she will cum repeatedly. But her dad wasn’t nice when he fucked her as a young girl. Neither am I. Just a little spit and in one controlled plunge balls deep in her ass. Grabbing her by the shoulders and stabbing her with my cock. Her screams and cries make the head of my dick vibrate.

Now when she is inconscious it’s time for other fun. Back when you could still get random people on Craigslist I put a post under rape fantasy. I let guys come over and grope her, rubbing their cocks on her and shoot their loads on her anywhere they wanted. I even let 3 of them fuck her(with condoms). I took pics and video. Afterwards I left her to sleep naked covered in dried cum from 14 different guys and never said a word. I think she was too embarrassed to ask anything because she didn’t want to admit she blacked out.

As a child she was fucked or molested by her sister, brother, grandpa, and dad. I think the best night of my life was in thanks to her upbringing. Her son decided to take MDMA one night. I’ve always said if your going to do a drug do it here so I know you’re safe. Well I gave my wife a few Xanax and I gave him a handful of viagra(sildenifil, little white generic version) and let nature take its course. Watching her talk to him about sex with his high school gf turn into feeling her breast implants. Then what a bj should feel like. Then watching her swallow and play with his giant load. It dribbled down her chin but she quickly caught it. I mean you could just tell it was like the best thing she had EVER tasted. A bit later she was able to coax another impressive load out of him and she rode his cock.

So yeah, I like to drug her. It’s pretty cool.