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I'm a 60 year old married man. I've sucked so much cock in my life I can't count all of them. My wife has no clue. It all started with my cousin. He got home from Vietnam and liked to come over and drink with my dad. Even when my mom and dad weren't here he came over to drink their beer. When I was about 15 he came over one Friday night. My parents were gone for the weekend so he took liberty and started drinking their beer. I was watching a movie when he handed me a beer. I had never drank before. I really didn't like the taste much but didn't want to disappoint him so I drank it. After the third beer I was feeling a bit drunk and the beer started to taste better. After a couple more the room was spinning. He said his pants were too tight and asked if it was okay if he sat here in his shorts. I didn't care. We watched the movie for a bit. Then I looked over and he had his cock out through the hole in his shorts. It looked huge compared to mine. I couldn't take my eyes off of. He saw me staring and grabbed a handful of my hair and said that when he drinks he gets horny. Then he pulled me closer and basically ordered me to suck his cock.

I wasn't gay but had thought about how it would feel to suck a cock for a while. He pulled me to his cock and I opened my mouth and took the head in my mouth. It was very soft so I took a little more in. He said I had woman-like lips on his cock. I wanted to impress him so when he started to fuck my mouth I didn't complain. He got hard very quickly. His cock was about seven inches long and fairly thick. After about five minutes he put his hand on the back of my head and I felt him cumming. I hadn't counted on that so when he said to just take it like a Coke and swallow, that's just what I did. It wasn't that bad. He held my head until he was spent, then kept his cock in my mouth until he started to get hard again. He pushed me away and told me to get undressed. I figured he would return the favor but after I was naked he pulled me to him and bent me over his lap. He slapped my ass a couple of times. When I asked what he was doing he said he was going to finger fuck me until I was stretched out enough to take his cock. I was drunk enough that I almost understood what he just said. I just responded "okay."

Although I'd thought about cock a few times I never thought about a cock in my ass. I had no idea about that shit. I jumped a bit when his finger first entered my asshole. He wasn't real gentle but the sharp pain came when his second finger entered me. He told me to stop being such a pussy and began to stretch my asshole with his fingers. After a little bit I started to relax and it was actually a little bit enjoyable. I could feel his cock against my belly each time it throbbed. Then he told me to get on my knees leaning over the couch. I was compliant. I was on my knees leaning over the couch when I felt a cold liquid being squirted in my ass. I started to protest but he put his hands on my back to hold me down and I felt his cock slide into my asshole. After being stretched out it wasn't too painful. Plus the amount of beer I had drank numbed any pain I might have felt. Then he began to fuck me. He kept saying things like my cunt was better than any woman's cunt and my asshole was pure heaven on his cock.

After he fucked me until he came in my ass he pulled out and said I better get to bed. I was nearly out anyway so I let him lead me to my bed. I passed out almost immediately. I woke up a few hours later still about half drunk. But what really woke me was his cock in my ass again. I was on my side and being fucked by my cousin. It felt really good as he slid his cock in and out of my asshole. Now comes the really weird part. I said I had to piss, but instead of pulling his cock out of me he manouvered me out of bed and into the bathroom with his cock still in my ass. I stood at the toilet pissing and the whole while he was fucking me. This was the greatest fucking feeling I'd ever had. He even reached around to hold my cock as I finished pissing. Then he lifted me up and carried me back to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed on my belly and his cock popped out of me. Then he crawled on top of me and shoved his cock back into my ass. What a fucking stud. He fucked me twice that day and again that night, but not until I sucked his cock again.

He was gone by the time my parents got home on Sunday. That started it for me. I eventually married a woman and we have three kids but I have been looking for a willing cock for the last 40 years. I've found plenty of them. I've sucked them, been fucked by them, fucked a bunch myself and have come to enjoy not only my wife's pussy but a nice cock. If my wife could suck cock like a man I wouldn't even need to look elsewhere, but fuck, that's how life goes.