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I recently became involved with a woman that is 10 years younger than I am. She is very nice looking and has one hell of a body. Her 8 year old granddaughter is with her a lot, so our opportunities for having sex have been few. Even when we spend the night together, her granddaughter sleeps with us, so I never even try. But she always tries to get me to have sex with her even if her granddaughter is sleeping beside us.

I say "no way. What if she wakes up?"

She just says "don't worry about it."

I don't understand why the girl is sleeping with us anyway. She falls asleep in our bed, and I always suggest that we move her to another bed or the couch, but she says "no, no she will be fine here." And then when we get in bed she wants to have sex. I don't get it.

Sometimes I think it must turn her on to have her granddaughter in the bed with us when we have sex. Is that possible?

I have recently been paying more attention, and have noticed that she carefully orchestrates it all. One night recently, her granddaughter had gotten out of the shower and fell asleep on the bed with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. After a while, the towel fell away from her, and she was naked in bed with us. It really seemed to turn my girlfriend on as she was really aggressive and had numerous orgasms quickly. She kept doing things that seemed like to me she was intentionally trying to wake her up!!!

I am beginning to get the impression that she wants to get her granddaughter involved in our love making somehow. I have never even had sexual thoughts concerning a child, but have been lately. She is a beautiful little girl. When she was naked in our bed that night, she was laying on her belly and had one leg bent at the knee and pulled up pretty high. I could see her beautiful little bubble butt and her tiny little pussy. My eyes were locked in on her while I was fucking my girlfriend from behind. I had an especially powerful orgasm that night and it came very quickly. I am having a hard time admitting to myself that having a naked 8 year old girl present during sex was a turn on. My girlfriend knows it, too. I think she may have some really sick perversions and she is manipulating me to try to get me to be part of them. Now I can't get this beautiful little 8 year old out of my mind. When I close my eyes, all I see is images of her laying there naked that night. My girlfriend is now hinting around at wanting us to have sex in front of her when she is awake!!! Then what? Where is all this leading? I know I should run away from this woman and never look back, but I am not sure I want to.