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Since I fucked an old - more then chubby - widow of 68 when I was 17, I became addicted to old women. She hired me to weed in her large flower garden. But soon it was clear she had something else in mind for me.

She allowed me everthing to do with her, her blowjobs were memorable, I could thight her to the bed and then fuck her for as many times I was able or willing to. Sometimes she thighted me to the bed and let herself go all the way, then her favorite was face sitting on me with her hairy bush. She never refuses me when I wanted her, and that was very often for a horny guy like me. She was soft, warm, fleshy and everything was big on her for a then skinny guy like me. I could adapt me to her curvings easily.

Because of her I never looked at someone of my own age. Unfortunally she became very ill when I was 27 and fucking her was over. I kept visiting her until she died 2 years later.

I’m 38 now, never had a relation but fucked many old women since, but I never found one who was as kinky in bed as that widow.