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I got married at 22, just out of the Navy. I never had any gay experiences in the Navy but saw a lot of guy's cocks in the shower and on various parts of the ship. I never dreamed the woman I married would be so kinky. We only had straight sex before we were married but on our wedding night she asked if she could get a little kinky with me. I was a little drunk so I told her to do her worst. She just laughed. Then she turned me on my belly and tied my hands behind my back. I thought this might be fun but got a little worried when she put a bar between my ankles about three feet apart and strapped my ankles to the bar. She reached under me and pulled my cock back under me. I was getting hard when she said that my cock wasn't what she needed that night. I was perplexed until she knelt down and started to lick my asshole. I couldn't close my legs so I tried to relax. After all, she was now my bride. I was surprised at how good it started to feel and my cock was getting harder. Then she put a finger up to my asshole and started to twirl around. She got deeper and deeper until she finally plunged her finger into me. I thought it would hurt but it didn't. Then she stuck a second finger in and began to ass fuck me with them. Her other hand reached under and grabbed my cock. Playing around she said things like "Oh, so you like that huh sissy boy," and 'Oh, you're ass is just like a nice shaved cunt." It wasn't but three minutes and I was cumming in her hand. She smeared it all over my ass and finger fucked me for the next 10 minutes. She finally let me up and undid my bonds. Wow. What a fucking experience.

Fast forward two years. We did some kinky shit to each other and one night while drunk she admitted she had sucked her friend's pussy a number of times. I said I didn't care what she did in the past. Then she asked if I ever sucked a guy. I said no and she looked a little disappointed. She also started to comment on other men when we were out. Things like "Don't you think he has a nice ass?" and "I bet he has a big cock. What do you think?" I never answered her but often wondered where this was leading. Then one Saturday we were at the library looking for a couple of books to read and she pointed to a large man on the other side of the room and asked if I thought he was sexy. I said he looked like a fat pig. She walked over to him and I could see they were in conversation. I couldn't hear them but she came back a few minutes later and said it was time to go. She wouldn't tell me what they talked about other than he seemed like a nice guy.

I forgot all about the guy in the library. That night she went out and came back with a case of my beer. We drank a bit and she said she was horny and wanted to fuck me until I cried. This was new but I said to give it her best shot. We had become pretty adept at bondage and she tied my hands to the bedposts and wrapped my legs up so my calves were tied to the back of my legs. Occasionally we used a blindfold and she tied one of her scarves around my eyes so I couldn't see anything. She sucked me for a few minutes and said she would be right back. She left the bedroom. It was about 15 minutes and she announced that she was here and I would be in tears in a few minutes. She bent over me on the bed and started to suck my cock again and started to play with my asshole. Her fingers were nice and slippery and I jokingly wondered when the crying was gonna come. Then she said Jimmy was here to fuck me. I said "What the fuck is this?" as I felt someone much heavier than Heather get on the bed. I was tied down pretty tight and couldn't really move much. I felt him spread my legs a little and lift my ass up. She put a pillow under me and he said he was going to split me seven ways to Sunday. His cock was massive when he shoved it into my wet asshole. It hurt like a fucker and was much bigger than her two fingers. He immediately started pounding me and the pain was almost unbearable. I was begging him to stop but he didn't. I felt the tears well up in my eyes and Heather must have noticed. She said "See, I told you you'd be crying before I was done with you tonight." She told me to just relax and it would get better. I tried to relax and after about five minutes my ass started to accept his massive cock. The tightness in my legs loosened and the pain started to turn to pleasure. "Oh fuck yeah" I heard myself say at one point. Then she mounted me and put her cunt on my mouth. It was already wet and I tongue fucked her as long as Jimmy was fucking me. My cock isn't that small but his was thick and opened me up. After a few minutes I was loving it. I made Heather cum twice before I felt Jimmy fill me with his jizz. He finally pulled out and I heard him walking away. She finally untied me and we fucked again. She finally admitted that night that she gets turned on by watching two men having sex.

Fast forward another five years: We are totally into the swinging lifestyle. We are as happy as we've ever been. She gets all the cock and cunt she wants and so do I. We've sucked so much cock and licked so much pussy that times we even argue who gets who first. I love a big cock in my ass and love a nice cock in my mouth. Man, what a cunt I've married.