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Growing up I was into all sports. Baseball especially. I was decent and really never noticed the other guys when they showered after practice or a game. It was just something we did. We lived near my dad's brother and they often came over to visit. My cousin Curt was two years older than me and when he started driving at 16 he often drove me to the pool that summer. One day we were just lounging in the pool and I felt his hand on my crotch. He asked if a girl ever squeezed my cock like that. I said no and pushed him away. A few minutes later his hand was on my cock again. For some reason I didn't push him away and then he asked if I ever had a guy touch me like that. When I said no again I noticed his hand was making me hard.

He said "Come on" and got out of the pool. He told me not to worry about getting dressed. He drove us to a back road that was hardly ever used. He parked along the side of the road and told me to get out. I was still in my half wet bathing suit and he came around to my side. He pushed me against the car and knelt down. He pulled my suit down exposing my cock. It was pretty shriveled from the pool but when he started to suck me I started to grow a bit. Even after I asked him to stop he kept sucking. It felt really good and I really didn't want him to stop. I was getting hard and felt myself about to cum. I tried to push his head away but he had his mouth on my cock when I started cumming. He let me cum in his mouth and although he spit some out I knew he swallowed some. When he said how fucking good that was I wondered how it would be like to suck him. It seemed like he was reading my mind and pulled his trunks down. He leaned back against the car and just stood there not saying anything. I started at it for a few seconds and put my hand around it. His cock was much larger than mine and I got curious enough that I knelt in front of him and took him in my mouth like he did me. He started to mouth fuck me and he was soon hard. He must have had a seven inch cock. I could only get about half of it in my mouth but he kept pumping in and out. Then he grabbed the back of my head and held me as he came in my mouth. It made me choke a bit but I couldn't help but swallow some of it. I thought it would be gross but it wasn't. I actually liked the taste.

After he came we got back into the car and he drove me home. On the way home he said that no girl would suck me like a dude would. He said that women were afraid of cock but dudes that were into it would suck my cock as often as I wanted. It felt so good to have him suck me. Over the next four years I had three girlfriends. Only one of them would suck me and she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth. Curt was right. If I wanted to have a satisfying blowjob I needed a guy to do it. After I graduated I moved out on my own and found a nice job at the lumber yard. The hard work made my body hard and tight and I finally got tired of jerking off every night so I got on-line and started to look for other dudes that wanted to suck cock. I found that the older the man the better he sucked.

Then the night came when I got a man about 60 years old. He had a really big cock and after I sucked him off he said to get him hard again. That was the first time anybody had fucked me in the ass. It hurt at first but quickly turned to pleasure and from that night on I looked for men who were tops. I finally settled down with Jimmy, a 33 year old fat guy with a monster cock and an insatiable urge to drink my cum. Sexually speaking I couldn't have it any better. Our lives revolve around working during the day and as soon as we get home we're naked and exploring more ways to get each other off. He has licked, sucked, kissed and fucked every inch of my body and I have done the same to him.

Ladies, you don't know what you're missing by learning to take his cock and swallow his load. And if you're lucky you'll find a guy who will let you fuck him in the ass with whatever implement you can find. Just sayin'...