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Actually I'm a triplet. I have an identical twin brother and a triplet sister. we three are very close. One day, when we were about 17 my sister asked if I had ever sucked a cock. I told her no, the she suggested I suck my brother Terry. I knew his cock was about the same size as mine being identicals. I told Deb that I wasn't gay and neither was Terry. She said she didn't care, but if I wanted to please her I'd suck Terry's cock. I told her i would do it if she fucked me with a strap-on. I was half kidding but when she came home that Friday night and said it was time to honor my promise I was kind of stuck. I told Terry and he wasn't very happy, insisting he wasn't gay. I said I lost a bet and had to suck him. I had Gay tendencies but he didn't but when Deb insisted he gave in. He loved her and would do anything to please her. Our parents were gone and Deb had him strip, saying she was his sister and she had seen everything he had to offer.

Terry took off his pants and Deb told me to get on all fours and suck his cock. I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. What a glorious feeling having my twin brother's cock in my mouth, and instead of just jerking off I had a real cock. I started to suck him. He said he wasn't okay with this but I just kept sucking. He finally came in my mouth, just as I normally cum just jerking off. After I sucked him dry Deb ordered him to suck my cock. He protested at first but after she explained hoe good it felt to have another dude cum in my mouth I relented and proceeded to suck him. Just before he came she shove two fingers into his asshole and he came buckets. She told me I had to swallow and when he started cumming I started swallowing. I actually loved it. I sucked him dry and then she said he had to suck me. I came and he took it all. She said that she knew we both had gay tendencies.

I guess I couldn't deny it. I loved by twin brother's cock in my mouth. It was better than jerking off or trying to suck my own dick. He filled my mouth with so much cum I had trouble swallowing it all but I managed to do it. Then he mounted me in a 69 position and we proceeded to suck each other's cock and made each other cum again. I loved it and told her that any time she wanted me to suck a cock I was up for it.

Terry ended up marrying a woman and I continued to suck all the cock Deb could give me. I guess I'm an expert, or pretty much an expert at sucking guys' cocks and taking their cum in my mouth or asshole now. We graduated last June and with her help I've been sucking cock and getting fucked nearly every weekend. I hate my sister, but I guess I really love her for turning me on to gay sex, even if it's with my own twin brother. What a fucking cunt she is. Maybe next time I'll tell you how I managed to lick Deb's cunt. But for now just know that sometimes twins suck each other off just to feel like it would be.