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My cousin's a fucking dick. How do I know? I'll tell you. My cousin Jay got home from the Navy when I was a senior. Me and the other girls sometimes went to a party and got a little drunk, and one night after a party I got home and found a note. It was from my parents that said that they were gone for the weekend and Jay (my cousin) would be over to keep an eye on me. Fuck me I thought. Anyway, I went straight to my bedroom and Jay was laying on my bed. I really didn't need a babysitter and told him to get the fuck out of my room. He said he was here to make sure I didn't get into any trouble. "What the fuck?" I asked him. Then he said to sit on the bed beside him and he would explain it. I sat on the bed next to him and he hugged me,. "Don't worry pumpkin, it'll be fun." I was pretty drunk but I was in wonderment at what he was talking about. "What do you mean?" I asked. He pushed me down so I was laying on the bed and he leaned over me and kissed me. At first I started to struggle but his lips were soft and his tongue in my mouth was turning me on a little. Then he had a hand inside my blouse and had pushed my bra up. He was gently caressing my tit and found my nipple. "Baby" he said, "I'm gonna fuck you so much in the next two days you're gonna wish I was your husband." I was shocked at that but when I felt his hand rub up my thigh I melted. I was still a virgin and had only had a boy feel my tits.

But with Jay it was different. He actually knew how to turn me on. One hand was now on my pussy and the other was massaging a nipple. I heard myself moan a little when he stuck a finger inside me with another finger twirling around my clit. In my drunken state I was getting off. Then he stood up and took his pants off. No underwear and he told me to suck him. I had never sucked off anybody before but was curious. He got on the bed and straddled my chest, his cock sitting between my tits. I looked at it and marveled at how big he seemed. He put his cock up to my lips and pushed in a little. I let him and now had about half of his cock in my mouth. He said he thought of me sucking his cock for a long time and that he was looking forward to me taking his load. I wasn't sure what all that meant until he started to cum in my mouth. Then I understood. I had no idea how it would taste until I tasted it. I actually liked it so I let him empty himself in my mouth. Then he said I was the best cocksucker he ever had, even better than any of his Navy buddies.

"What the fuck?" I thought but he just kept fucking my mouth until he started to get hard again. When he was almost hard he finally pulled out of my mouth the turned me over. He told me to get on my knees and I somehow obeyed. As soon as my ass was in the air I felt his cock against my pussy. I was surprised at how wet I was as he easily slipped his cock into me. "Oh, you're so fucking tight" he said as he slowly started to fuck me. I had no idea before how good being fucked could feel and he filled me up completely. He fucked me for the next 20 minutes and I actually came twice. Then he asked if I was on the pill. When I told him no he pulled his cock out of me and turned me over again. He was kneeling between my legs and was stroking himself. He ended up cumming on my belly and pubic hair. Then he rubbed his cum all over me and leaned over and kissed me again. His hands were on my tits and was getting me turned on even more. All I could say was "Oh fuck Jimmy." He rolled over and said that if I wanted more I had to come to him.

He got up and left my room. I hardly slept even though I was drunk and started to masturbate. I made myself cum a bunch of times and when I woke up I was still horny. I stumble into the kitchen in only a bathrobe and Jimmy was making eggs. He asked how I slept and I said I didn't hardly sleep at all. He stood next to me and asked why I couldn't sleep. I think I was still a little drunk because I blurted out "I was horny." I don't know why I said it but was staring at his crotch when I said it. He was in gym shorts and no shirt and he pulled his shorts over his cock and it popped out. "Well," was all he said as he saw me staring at his cock. After a seemingly long time I leaned forward and his cock was at my lips. I leaned in and took his cock back into my mouth. He got hard and then said, "I always knew you were a cocksucker but never imagined you wanted it so badly. Take it all cunt." I got offended at that and pulled off of him and said he was a bastard. He said "I'll show you a bastard." He grabbed my wrist and yanked me out of my chair and led me into my bedroom. He was strong as fuck and threw me on the bed. He rolled me over onto my belly and pulled my hands behind my back. He reached over and grabbed a shirt I had discarded and managed to wrap it around my hands. I asked him to stop but he ignored me. I called him a fucking bastard and he said this is what he learned in the navy, how to ass fuck someone who didn't want to be fucked. He pushed my robe up over my back and exposed my bottom side. Then I felt his cock against my asshole. He said "Watch this" and shoved his cock into my ass. I felt the pain and started to cry. Then he said "This is how I make you my bitch." He ass fucked me for about 15 minutes and I wailed the whole time. All the while he was slapping my ass cheeks, each slap stinging more than the previous one. He finally pulled his cock out of my ass and gently rubbed my ass. He said "First you gotta break 'em, then make 'em feel good." He was gentle with his massage and his hand slowly moved down to my cunt. Before I knew it he had three fingers in my cunt and was finger fucking me. It felt so fucking good compared to the rough ass fuck that I was grateful for the feeling.

After caressing my cunt for a bit he rolled me over. He gently wiped the tears off of my face and knelt between my legs. He pushed my legs up a little and put his cock in my cunt. Then started to tenderly fuck me. Then he told me to say I was his bitch. It took a while but after my second orgasm I said it. "Oh fuck man, I'm your bitch." He ended up fucking me two more times that day and we even slept together naked that night. I woke up on Sunday with his cock in my mouth. He was hovering over me with his knees holding my head in place with his cock in my mouth. I sucked him until he filled my mouth. Then he said "Since you're now my bitch I think I want to piss in your mouth. I struggled to get away but with his knees holding my head and when I reached up he grabbed my wrists. He started to piss in my mouth. I tried not to swallow but couldn't spit it all out. When he was done pissing he pulled his cock out of my mouth and scooted up a little and told me to tongue fuck his ass. I didn't have a choice as his asshole was covering my mouth. He stayed there until I stuck my tongue as far up his asshole as I could. When he was satisfied he got off of me. I was pissed but for some reason felt I wanted to do anything he wanted.

My parents texted me and said they would be home at 2:00. At 1:55 Jim said it was time to suck his cock again. I tried to protest but he said if I refused he would show them a video of me sucking his cock. I knew we were playing dangerously but I didn't have a choice. I knelt in front of him and pulled his shorts down over his cock. I took him in my mouth and started to suck him. He kept saying to hurry up or my mom and dad would catch us. I heard their car in the driveway but by that time he had hold of my hair and had me pulled onto his cock. He said I better hurry or they'll catch me. I heard the garage door open and just about that time he started cumming. I swallowed every fucking drop so none would drip on my clothes. I finished him off, stood up and walked into the kitchen. Then they came in through the garage.

"So, did you survive your weekend with Jimmy?' my mom asked. I responded "I suppose. He's pretty boring but we entertained ourselves. Jimmy didn't let on what had happened and went home shortly after. Now, instead of going out and partying I head over to Jim's apartment. I've discovered that his eight inch cock is bigger than any other cock I've had in the last two years. Last week I turned 20 and after my birthday party Jim said he wanted to take me for ice cream. My mom let him and we left. We pulled up in front of a stranger's house and he said we have to go in for a minute. When they let us in he said it was time for me to earn my keep. I looked at him sideways and he pushed me into the room. There were seven other men in the room and they grabbed me and ripped off my clothes. As each one got through fucking me he handed Jim a 50 dollar bill.

Well, fuck me I thought. This whole time he was planning on pimping me out to his friends. I was completely pissed at him, calling him every name I could think of and he said he would take me home. When we got into his car he showed me the video on his phone. I was sucking one guy, one guy was fucking me and another was ass fucking me. He said that I was his whore now and would turn tricks for him or my parents would get the video. In only two weeks since then I've been fucked 41 times and have earned him over $2,000. I was right, he is a fucking bastard.