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This is just a fantasy that I had with my teacher. Nothing that I wrote here is true. I just needed a place to relieve my thoughts. I may write more fantasies, as I have more of them.

So in my last year of highschool I had to complete a project. Everybody in the class had to have a teacher in order to help them. I was assigned to Miss N. Miss N was one of the hottest teachers in my school. She had long blonde hair, she was quite tall, she wasn't fat nor slim, and she had the body of a goddes. She had really sexy lips, quite a big chest ( they were natural) and a really round and nice looking ass. Sometimes she would wear tight clothes like dresses or tight pants which really showed her curves. So after I found out I was going to be helped by her I went to talk to her.

- Miss N, when are we going to start the project ?

- Well, we can start today. After you finish your classes, come to me and we'll go to my house to work on it.

And then she winked. I was really happy that I was about to go to her place. Long story short, we drove to her apartment. Her place was on the third floor. We were walking up the stairs, when she said to me:

- I hope you like the view. (Mind you she was wearing a really tight dress). And she had a naughty smile on her face.

- Yeah, it's... it's really nice (My entire face was red as I was looking directly at her ass moving up and down)

We entered her house and she told me to go in the living room and to wait for her. I did and after about 10 minutes she came. She had on a different dress, but just as tight. But with this one I could see cleavage. After like 15 minutes (in which I kept trying to see something) she caught me.

- Hey, my eyes are up here!

- I'm sorry! It won't happen again.

- No need to feel embarassed. It's normal at your age. Besides, I know you've been watching me for a couple of months. Thinking about what would you do to me. Play with my boobs, sucking and biting my nipples, eating my pussy and my ass.

And then she leaned and whispered in my ear:

- Or fuck me.

I got so hard it was obvious. She then got up and sat on my legs, grinding on me.

- I see your little friend is up now. I'm going to tease you so much. Suck my toes and feet.

I never did that, but in that moment I felt like I was in a hypnosis. I started sucking on every toe like I was crazy, basically drooling. She liked it as she kept saying:

- Oh yeah, you're doing a really good job. Now let me help you. Undress me.

On the back of her dress she had a zipper. I started to zipp it down, first revealing her bra which was black and then the zipper stopped above her ass.

- Well, let make this easy for you.

She said that while bending to undress. I took my clothes off so fast I didn't believed it. And there she only in underwear. My dick was already hard as a rock.

- Wow, so it's safe to say that my body got you all excited. Let me suck on that.

She then started to suck my dick. And oh my God she was good at it. While she was sucking she was using her tongue which was driving me crazy. After like 5 minutes I couldn't keep going and I told her.

- Miss N, i can't keep going! I'm gonna cum!

- Don't hold back! Give me everything you got.

I came inside ger mouth and she kept sucking. She undid her bra and let her boobs loose. They were so round and good looking.

- Here, you can do anything you want to them.

I started sucking and licking them. They were so soft and juicy. And then we started making out for like 5 minutes, using our tongues.

- Do you want me to take off my panties ?

- Yes.

She took them off and she didn't have any hair. And to see her ass just laying there without any type of clothes was amazing.

- Give me that ass!

I bit her asscheeks and then started licking her asshole, and ocasionally touching her pussy.

- OH MY GOD this is so good, yes baby, lick harder!

I did it for a couple of minutes and then started eating her pussy.

- Oh fuck yeah, yes, yes suck on that naughty pussy!

After I was done I wanted to give me a blowjob again.

- Suck it again please!

This time she was the one sitting on the couch and I was the one standing. She started sucking and I took her head and started thrusting my dick deeper. It felt so good. She then took my dick out of her mouth and put it between her boobs and started giving me a titjob. She said to come on her boobs and so I did.

- Now it's time to put it in! She said while smiling.

I played with her boobs and made out again til I was hard. I put it in and it felt so good. I felt like I was absorbed by it and I couldn' get enough.

- My God you feel so good! I want to fuck you all the time, you are so hot and sexy Miss N.

- Yes baby, from now on you can do anything you want with my body. I'll do anything you want from now on. I'll be your cum disposal just fuck me hard!

While she was riding me I started slapping her ass and licking her boobs untill I couldn't keep going. I said that I was going to cum and I did on her face. Then we just laid there, naked and we started talking:

- That was the best sex that I had in a long time

- I'm glad you liked it! Now you said that you are going to do anything for me, right?

She nodded

- Well, I want that tomorrow you don't wear panties.

This is part 1. More to come.