Dirty Confessions - Reveal your innermost secrets.




This is the first confession of many more to come. I am going to make a series of them (nothing it's real, it's just fantasy). The names are going to be changed. I have a lot of them and I need a place to write them down. Again, nothing that I write about it's true.

Fantasy Confession #1 - Miss Emily

Miss Emily (not her real name) was my english teacher from 10th grade until my final year of highschool. She had dark red-ish colored hair, not really tall and she was just a little bit on the chubby side, but that made her even hotter for me. She had a really nice and friendly personality. I had a crush on her, whenever I would see her, especially since she had a big chest, or so it seemed. Everytime I would ask myself how big they were, because sometimes they would giggle when she would move. And her ass was really good looking, not too fat nor skinny. She would always wear red lipstick and nice perfume. She was married, but from what I was hearing she and her husband would argue a lot. After i finished highschool, I left to another country to work and after three years I returned. I was in the centre of the town when I randomly saw her on the street. Before I left, she was 32. I went and spoke to her:

- Hi, Miss Emily!

She looked at me for 2-3 seconds until she realised who I was.

- Oh, hi! Sorry for not recognizing you faster. Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it ? How are you doing ?

- Not a problem. I'm doing great actually! How are you Miss Emily ?

- I'm ok. I was just shopping a little.

Outside it was really cold, since it was winter so I wanted to go drink something warm.

- Miss Emily, would you mind if I invited you to drink some coffee ? That is, if you don't have something more important to do.

- Yes, I think a coffee would be amazing!

- Perfect, let's go, there is a cafe nearby.

As we were walking, I kept glancing at her and she didn't change a bit. We arrived, and ordered some coffee.

- Miss Emily, please tell me, what is bothering you. You don't look so happy.

- Well, maybe it shouldn't tell you this, but I got divorced, since my husband was cheating on me.

I know that getting divorced was not a good thing, but I think it was for the better. She needed better than that.

- Wow, what and idiot! To have such a good looking and beautiful woman besides and to cheat on her. Loser!

She blushed.

- Oh, thank you, you're really sweet! Do you think I'm good looking or are you just joking around ? (she said while smiling)

- I mean it! I could even say that you are really hot, Miss Emily! You know, it's kinda funny, that in my last 3 year of highschool I had a crush on you.

She blushed again, only this time she was quite surprised.

- Really ? Wow, that's... new! I've never been told that I was somebody's crush before.

Our coffee arrived and we both took a little sip. My hand was resting on the table and she put hers on mine.

- So, tell me, do you have a girlfriend ?

- No, I don't really like girls my age, I prefer mature women. I find them interesting and sexy at the same time. And I feel that they know so much more than the young girls. But I'm still looking.

I felt her hand near my groin area.

- I think you found her.

She then leaned and we kissed. I didn't for the other people in the cafe. I was so surprised and happy. I felt my penis started getting hard.

- It looks like your friend wants to have some fun. Let's go to my place!

- Ok, miss Emily!

- Please, call me Emily.

While she was driving she would sometimes move her hand up and down my shaft. It was driving me crazy. We finally arrived at her appartment, We took our shoes off and went in the living room. We then started kissing, like we were teenagers. Really slow, she was touching my penis through my pants and I was touching her groin area and chest. Our tongues were dancing with one another. We then took our clothes off. She took her bra off, and I was finally seeing what I was wondering about for three years. She had nice big boobs, a bit saggy, but man they were amazing. And then she took her panties off, revealing a trimmed vagina and a nice big round ass.

- Let's go to the bedroom.

I just nodded and on the way there the only thing I could think about was that I was about have sex with my crush.

- Just stay on the bed, I'm going to take care of you.

And with that she started sucking on it. She was licking the head and then she would introduce the whole penis in her mouth. She was looking at me while she was doing it, which made it so much sexier. I still couldn't understand why her husband cheated on her. After like 5-6 minutes I couldn't hold anymore.

- Emily, I'm gonna cum!

She didn't say anything, she just kept sucking until I came. She swallowed.

- My God Emily, this was so good. Now let me take care of you. Just lay in the bed.

I began by biting her buttocks and then licking her asshole. She was moaning and she was enjoying it

- Oh, yes, this feels so good. Yes.

I then made her turn so her vagina was facing me. I started by kissing her legs from her toes to her vagina, and I began eating her out. She was so wet and had such a sweet taste. I was hypnotized by it. She would take my head and thrust it deep in her vagina.

- Oh my GOD baby, it feels so good. Yes, yes, yes, more, I want more!

And so I complied. I ate her for like 20 minutes. It was heavenly. Then she came, splattering her juices all over the bed.

- Oh my God! That was amazing! You know what you're doing.

- Thank you Emily.

- Now it's time to put it in!

- Ok, are you ready ?

- Yes, I am!

I began pushing my penis into her vagina. She was quite tight. But it felt so good. I felt like I was absorbed by her.

- Fuck! You feel so good Emily. Holy fuck!

- Oh my God yes, yes, yes, yes give it to me!

Then we switched positions. While she was riding me, I would hold her ass and keep pushing myself into her. At the same time I would suck on her nipples. It felt so good and I was hornier than ever.

- Emily ?

- Yeah ?

- I love you! You are so fucking hot and wanna fuck you all the time!

- I.. love you...too! When you're ready, cum inside!

- Oh, you bet I will!

I just couldn't get enough of her. I was intoxicated by her curves, her body, her perfume, by the way she was moaning. After 10 minutes I finally couldn't keep going and I came inside her.

- Oh yes, give me everything!

After we were finished, we just sat there besides one another.

- That was amazing Emily. I love you!

- You're welcome. And I love you too!

After that we just made out real slow, using our tongues. That day we had sex on the kitchen table, in the shower cab and the days that would come would only bring pleasure for both