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One night after a heavy night of drinking my wife asked me what my greatest fantasy was. We'd been married almost 20 years and had never talked about it. In my drunken state I blurted out that my fantasy was to be raped. She laughed at that and we went on with life. I had totally forgotten about it. Until two seeks ago. I had a week's vacation I had to take and on Sunday after church we went to the den like usual to take a nap. I was asleep when I was woken up with a bag of some sort of bag on my head. I called out to my wife but she didn't answer. I could tell there were at least three guys. They tied my hands behind my back and picked me up. They carried me to a van and drove off. I thought I was being kidnapped and was in a real panic. One of the guys in the van said "look, the little pussy pissed himself. I was scared shitless. I had pissed myself and thought that I wasn't rich but had some money I could give them. I started to speak when one of them punched me in the face and told me to shut the fuck up. I did. We drove for about 20 minutes. They stopped and carried me inside a house of some sort. They carried me down a flight of stairs and before I knew it I was bent over some sort of bench and my hood was quickly replaced with a leather hood that covered my eyes but not my nose and mouth. There was some sort of weight on my neck and I couldn't move. Then it was quiet. About a half hour later I heard someone on the steps. He approached me and lifted my chin. He simply said "comply or you're fucking dead." He put something up to my lips and pushed in. I realized it was a cock about half hard. He started to fuck my mouth and I couldn't do anything about it. I let him fuck my mouth until I tasted his first shot of cum. I thought about biting down but thought better of it. I let him fill my mouth and when he said to swallow I swallowed.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and left. It was at least two hours later when I heard the stairs creek again This time the guy made no sound but just put his cock up to my lips. As he pushed in I opened my mouth just enough to let his cock in. He fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes then filled my mouth with his cum. Then he said to sleep because it was going to be a long day. eventually I fell asleep . I was awakened with something being pushed into my ass. I still couldn't move and realized it was a hard object being shoved into my ass. I tried to be quiet but it hurt. The farther he pushed the more it hurt and eventually I was in tears inside my hood as my asshole was being split apart. At least that was what it felt like.

The object was taped to my ass cheeks as the guy left. A couple of hours late I heard the stairs again. I wasn't too hopeful. He pulled the thing out of my ass and shoved something even wider into me. It felt like a fucking rock as he shoved it past my pucker hole. He pulled it out and pushed it in. Each time it passed my sphincter I could feel it pop as it went in then out. After about 20 minutes there was no more pain, only the sensation of something being pushed into my ass the pulled out again. Then there was nothing. It seemed like an eternity before someone was standing in front of me and said "Open your mouth and take what I have to give you." I was relieved there was someone there but a little worried at the thought of what he was putting in my mouth. It was his cock and he mouth fucked me for a good half hour before he started cumming. He said that if one drop hit the floor I would get the beating of my life. I was stuck so I swallowed his cum as he gave it to me. "That's a good cock sucker" he said as he finally pulled out of my mouth. I wondered why I was being tortured this way but afraid to ask. I was blind and bound and couldn't really move from where I was.

A long time passed and I heard the stairs again. I figured someone else was going to shove his cock into my moth but there was silence. Then I felt something being squirted into my ass and a cock being shoved into me. Whoever it was was now fucking me. My ass was sort of used to it since they had spread my asshole out with their toys but this was a different feeling. I actually felt someone fucking me with his hands on my back. Then I heard someone in front of me say to toll him to fuck me harder and make me his bitch. When I hesitated I felt a slap across my face. It hurt like a fucking bitch so I finally said to fuck me and said to make me his fucking bitch. The guy fucking me was fucking me for all he was worth. I actually started to like it and felt him when he came in my ass. As soon as he pulled out I felt another man slap my ass and say that it was his turn. He fucked me for a long time and my own cock was getting hard.. Before he came inside me I felt my cock being squeezed. Someone had put some sort of ring on my cock and balls and the harder I got the tighter that fucking thing god on my balls. My nuts were in agony as I was fucked harder and harder. After that guy came inside me another took his place. After he came he was gone. I could feel cum dripping down my thighs.

Every now and then someone would come in and ask me if I give up and would be their cunt forever. It took about four days of being mouth and ass fucked and I finally told him I would be his bitch forever if he would only let me go. They finally took me home and I was back with my wife. She asked where I had been and I made some lame excuse about just traveling. I still had three days on my vacation when I got a text to meet someone ad an address a few miles over in the next town. Fuck I thought. I made some excuse and went over and knocked on the door of the address I was given. As soon as he let me in he said to suck his cock. I did and he filled my mouth. I swallowed every fucking drop out of fright. After I was done taking his cum he said to get the fuck out. As I opened the door my wife was standing there. She hugged me and said she had arranged for my fantasy to come true. That was one of getting raped. That fucking bitch. But after I thought about it I remembered that was what I said my fantasy was. It was a big fucking ruse and she said she was proud of me to let all of her friends fuck me without complaint. That night she sucked my cock until I cane two times without taking her mouth off of my cock.

We have since become swingers and she licks and sucks more cunt and cock than I could ever imagine. I have also sucked so many cocks and have let at least 30 men fuck me since than. I was pissed at first but have come to realize it was her plan all along and I'm glad it turned out this way.