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I love fucking my wife when she's pregnant. Her nipples get big and she loved me pulling and sucking on them while my cock is buried deep inside her making her cum. She tends to have a filthy mouth when we're fucking and it turns me on. One night we got to talking about parents and if they still fucked in their older age. I told her that I used to listen and sometimes peak into their bedroom when they were fucking. I told her it was a sight to behold that I thought my dad was a genuine fucking stud and my mom loved every minute of it.

Then one night after a bottle of wine she was horny. She wasn't pregnant then and both kids were sound asleep. She nuzzled up to me and started to rub my cock through my pants. Then she said "I want you to fuck me like your dad fucked your mom." I said I didn't think that was such a good idea, that I didn't want to hurt her. She laughed it off and said she insisted. I tried to talk her out of it but she was relentless. She said if I would fuck her like my parents that she would suck my cock every night for a solid month. I thought about it and said that once I started I wasn't going to stop until I was done, just like my dad did. She said that she really wanted it and would let me do whatever it took to have the experience. I told her that she was warned and said to get on her knees. She did and I stood in front of her. I told her to pull my cock out and shove it down her throat. She hesitated and looked up at me. It looked like she didn't want to so I slapped her. "I said to suck my cock bitch." It startled her and when I raised my hand a second time she started to unzip my pants. "That's a good little cocksucking bitch" I told her. She asked why I was doing this and I just responded that she asked for it and told her to suck it. Then she understood. It's what my dad would do.

She sucked my cock for a few minutes and I told her to go get naked and lay on the bed. She stood up and walked into the bedroom. When I walked in she was naked on the bed. I told her to undress me. She did and my cock was pretty hard. Then I said we had to shower first before I would touch any of her skanky fucking holes. We walked into the bedroom and turned the shower on. We stepped in and I said to wash me. She soaped me up and then rinsed me off. I told her to make sure her cunt was clean. I never talked like this but my dad did. When she had washed and rinsed off I turned her away from me and said to bend over. She probably thought I was going to fuck her so it was a total shock when I shoved a soapy finger into her asshole. She jumped a little and said to take it out. I slapped her ass and said I was her master and she would do whatever the fuck I told her. She stood up and turned around. "Okay, the game's over" she said and started to get out of the shower. I turned her toward me and slapped her again. A wet hand made quite a noise and I slapped her hard enough to make her cry. She asked again why I was doing this. Again I simply responded "because you fucking asked for it." Then I slapped her again and said to dry off because I was just getting started. She seemed a bit scared now but dried off and walked into the bedroom.

My cock was hard and I was really liking being totally in charge of her. I was standing at the end of the bed and told her to spread her legs and shove three fingers into her cunt. She hesitated and I gave her a stern look. "I said to fuck yourself" I told her. She had never heard me use this tone of voice before so she slowly started to play with her pussy, finally managing to get three fingers inside her. "Now tell me you want my cock in your mouth." She usually didn't want to suck me but she said it. I straddled her chest and put my cock up to her lips. I told her to keep fucking herself while she sucked me. She slowly put my cock in her mouth and I said to suck me until I emptied my nuts into her mouth. She had swallowed once and swore she would never do that again. Too fucking bad I thought. This is what she begged for. Before I could cum I moved around so I was facing her feet. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and lowered my asshole down. I told her to tongue fuck my ass. I knew this kind of thing disgusted her but that was too bad. When she hesitated I slapped her belly and left a mark. I felt her tongue on my asshole and mashed myself against her. I told her to keep fucking herself and I grabbed both of her nipples and pulled straight up. She was moaning in pain as I stretched her nipples as far as I could. After a couple of minutes I turned back around and shoved my cock back in her mouth. My cock was as hard as it's ever been now and as the tears rolled down her cheeks I started cumming. I said "Don't you spill one fucking drop." I was stern enough that she felt I was serious. She tightened her lips around my cock as I emptied myself into her mouth. I told her to keep sucking me until she made herself cum. It took about 20 minutes but she was relaxed enough and moaned a bit. By then my cock was pretty hard again and I asked if she was ready to get fucked. She dutifully said yes. I rolled off of her onto my back. I told her to mount me. When she did I slid into her nicely. Her pussy was lubricated and had no trouble lowering herself down onto me.

I fucked her like this for a while and she was getting into it. Then I said it was time to break her in. She looked at me with questioning eyes and I said "That's right cunt. I want you to sit on my cock." She said "there ain't no way you're sticking that thing in my ass." I said "You're right, I'm not. But you are." I slapped her again and said to sit on my cock or I would regret it. She lifted off of me and said the game's over. As she started to get off of me I grabbed her and put her on her belly. I pulled her arms behind her back and using her nightgown next to the bed I managed to tie her hands behind her. Then I told her "If you make one little fucking peep I'll beat you until your ass is black and blue. That made her shut up. I spread her legs a little and said this might hurt a little and pushed two fingers into her asshole. I could hear her start to protest so I pushed her face into her pillow. "I told you not to make a fucking sound." I finger fucked her ass for a couple of minutes and could hear her crying. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and spit on her asshole. I spit a couple more times until it was nice and slippery. "Now" I said, "I'm gonna fuck your ass like I did with the $20 whore last week." My cock was still hard and I pushed into her asshole. Farther and farther until I was buried into her. She was crying like mom used to and it turned me on even more. I told her that her asshole is so fucking tight and I started to fuck her. Having cum already I lasted a long time and finally filled her asshole with my cum.

After I was spent I finally pulled out of her ass and untied her hands. She thought we were done and I rolled over and told her to suck my cock again. Her face was streaked with her tears and she begged me to stop. Once again I said that this was what she asked for. "Now suck my cock" I demanded and slapped her face again. This made her cry out loud and she made the decision to obey. She bent over me and took my cock into her mouth. I wasn't sure if I could cum a third time but this is what my dad often did so it's what I did. I made her suck my cock for a good half hour. I didn't think I could cum again but she did get my cock pretty hard. Then I told her to face away from me and lower her cunt onto me. After I was buried in her pussy I told her to lay back so I could play with her tits. I also warned her not to try to stop me. She laid back as far as she could and I reached around and grabbed both tits. I'm not sure this next part was what my dad did but she didn't know that. I Wrapped my feet around her legs and told her to stay still because I had to piss. She started to struggle but when I pinched her nipples and said she better not try to get up she froze in place. I had my cock in her cunt, my legs wrapped around hers so she couldn't get off of me and my arms wrapped around her controlling her with her nipples. I relaxed a little and started to piss. My bladder was really full from the wine and I hadn't pissed for a while so when I let go it was a hard stream. It must have hit something good because about 10 seconds into the piss she screamed "Oh fuck I'm cumming." She started to bounce up and down on my cock as best as she could. Her body then went limp as I finished pissing inside her. Then is said "Okay, I'm finished. Now get off of me you stupid cunt. Go clean yourself off and get back here." She came back a minute later and I had her lay next to me and we cuddled as I drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I had breakfast waiting for me. There was actually a glow about her. After I had finished my coffee she sat down next to me in the kitchen and asked if we could talk about last night. I started to respond and she put a finger up to my lips. "Just let me talk first" she said. "Last night you were rude, inconsiderate, a bully and took total advantage of me." She paused and I apologized and said that I didn't want to do it but she made me. She paused again then leaned in and kissed me. It was the most sensuous kiss she had ever given me. We broke the kiss and she said "At times the pain was almost unbearable. Now I know what your mom went through. But honey, that was she most exciting sex I'd ever had. If you can do it to me again I'll suck your cock, not only for the next month bet any fucking time you want. I loved you taking control." That shocked the shit out of me. But I thought that if that's what she wants it's what I'll give her.

I opened my robe and told her to get down and suck my cock. She said the kids were going to be up any minute, so I slapped her again and said "Then you better fucking get to it because you won't stop until I cum." I leaned back a little and she knelt down in front of me. Fuck I thought. This actually worked. She managed to make me cum literally seconds before our oldest came down the stairs. I could see a bit of cum streaking her chin as she stood at the sink preparing breakfast for the kids. The kids were dressed and she told them to go out and play since it was Saturday. They left and she turned and just stared at me. Then I took a page out of dad's book because I'd heard him talk to her like this. "So from now on you're my cum whore. I'll cum in any hole any time and anywhere I want and you're gonna take it. You understand?" She just hung her head a little and said "Yes sir."

From that day on I've had her suck me in the car, in the bathroom at the gas station and even in center field of the ball diamond one night as it was getting dark. One time I even pulled into a rest area and had her suck me hard then sit on my cock in the car until I filled her ass with my jizz. Now she seems to enjoy every minute of me ordering her around. I think I've trained my first cum whore. A few months later I asked her what she desired. She said whatever I wanted was fine and she would do whatever I said. I had this wild fucking idea and said to get one of her divorced friends to come over and we will make her my second cum whore. That one was a bit more challenging but after I fucked her friend in the ass a couple of times she started to be obedient. I never dreamed that there were women who wished to be dominated like this. We have become a dom couple and have the routine down pretty good.

We have to be careful who we choose but now have three other women who live in our house. They sleep in a different room but often argue who gets my cock or my wife's cunt in their mouth or ass. They also help with the bills and I don't spend a fucking penny anymore. I can't wait until the kids are grown and out of the house. I can see us having a dozen women at our beck and call.

That was about 12 years ago and now the kids are out of the house and in different cities. With each new whore in our little commune we get her to recruit another. A few haven't worked out but we understand that. Not every woman wants to be totally dominated but there are enough of them that we lack for nothing and are the king and queen of our own little castle. We really want another submissive cunt. Could that be you?