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I was in a community play and in the play I was to pretend to rub my wife's behind while she was laying on the bed. On the night of the dress rehearsal we came to that scene. Instead of pretending to rub her ass I stuck my hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy. She spread her legs and without missing a beat we finished the scene. After the rehearsal we all went out to dinner. I was sitting next to my stage wife, Karen and about halfway through the meal I felt her hand on my thigh. Then she reached up and squeezed my cock through my tights. I leaned over and whispered "You know I'm married." She said "Yean I know. I like your wife but she can't suck cock like me."

Oh fuck" I thought. What am I getting into here? After dinner she asked if I could drive her home. On the way she said to take a detour. She had me drive to a side road where nobody ever went. She turned and kissed me and started to rub my cock again. She said she was going to make me cum and told me to get in the back and get undressed. I thought "What the fuck, why not?" and got into the back seat and pulled my pants and shorts off. She took my semi hard cock in her mouth I was getting hard and she said "Will you still kiss me if I swallow?" Oh fuck I thought. "Oh fuck yeah" I said. My wife never took my cum in her mouth so I was eager. I minute later I filled Karen's mouth with more cum than I ever had before. She took it all and when she had cleaned me off she laid on top of me and kissed me. Our tongues met and I could taste my cum on her tongue. Then she said to switch places and she dropped her pants and I was staring at a clean shaven pussy. I bent down and started to lick her. My wife never let me do this either. I tongue fucked her like it was the last day on earth. I actually made her cum with my tongue.

We finally got dressed and headed home. The next night was the first night of the play and when we came to that scene I put my hand between her legs and noticed she had cut out an area in her tights that exposed her cunt. I rubbed her and hesitated with my lines. She knew what I was doing and by the time the scent was finished I had her leaking on the bed. She asked me for a fide home and had me drive straight to her house. We went inside and she immediately knelt on the floor and said to fuck her. She had a nice open spot where she had cut out her tights and I shoved my cock inside her. I fucked her hard for about five minutes and emptied my nuts into her. .

As it happened we were behind the curtain for the first 10 minutes of the play and as soon as the play started she turned to me and started to rub my cock. Then she said "We have a couple minutes. I want you to fuck me right now." I scooted up behind her and after half a dozen strokes my cock was hard. I was behind her fucking her for the next six or seven minutes and Finally came seconds before we were to go on stage. The play went great and I got a handful of my cum when we got to the bed scene. This time she ad libbed a little and sat up on the bed and put my hand up to my mouth. It was a pretty steamy scene when played right but this was a whole new level. I don't think the audience was any the wiser but man what a fucking hot scene we had. I nearly came in my tights right then and there. When the play was over and we got to my car she couldn't wait and bent over and sucked me dry. I don't know if anybody was any the wiser but she and I have done several plays together. Every time we manage to find a way to fuck during rehearsal or afterwards. I sure wish my wife could suck or fuck like Karen.