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I told her "Fuck yeah, let's do it." She said 'Follow me" and we exited the library and I followed her home. When we got to her house I turned her toward me and kissed her. I thought she might be single by this time so I didn't hesitate. She asked if I was in a kinky mood and I told her I was. She led me to the basement and asked if I wanted to get real kinky. Again I told her I did, figuring that since my wife wouldn't suck my cock anymore maybe she would. We got to the basement and it was like a sex dungeon. She led me over to her sex swing and had me strip and sit in the swing. She tied my hands above me and tied my feet apart to the poles. Then she said I was in for the time of my life. She blind folded me and walked out. About 15 minutes later I felt a pair of lips on my cock. It was great. I thought it was her but when she whispered in my ear that he was the best cocksucker she ever knew I knew it wasn't her. From behind me she reached around and started to play with my tits. I was loving it but was startled when a strange finger entered my asshole.

My cock was hard and I was being massaged on my tits and asshole when she told me it was her husband sucking her cock. Then she said he really wanted to fuck me. I said I wasn't gay but she just ignored me and told him I was ready. The swing had a hole in the seat that exposed my asshole and when he walked around and started to rub my ass I started to protest but she said that I couldn't get away and I should just relax and enjoy. Then I felt his cock under me and pushing its way into my asshole. then he was fucking my ass and I was starting to like it. He fucked me for a time and she was now sucking my cock. I said I was gonna cum and when I started cumming she swallowed it all. Now I felt like I was in sex heaven with her taking my load and him ass fucking me. I thought it would hurt but after the initial push he was hitting my prostate with every thrust and I was getting into it. He fucked me for a bit longer and said he was about to cum. He started cumming in my ass. I felt the warmth of his jizz and he finally pulled out. I felt empty.

He left the basement and she undid my restraints. Then she asked if I liked it. I said I did and she pulled me out of the seat thad sat in it. She said to fuck her however I wanted. I moved behind her and noticed that my cock was still pretty hard. I stroked it to its full length and shoved it into her cunt from underneath. She squealed a little and said to fuck her hard and deep. I was fucking her as hard as I could when he walked back into the room. He was naked and his cock was sticking straight out. He was about e same size of me and when he moved behind me I didn't flinch. He started to finger fuck me with two fingers and after a little bit replaced his fingers with his cock. He fucked me again as I was fucking his wife. He came first and shortly after I came. This was the most excitng fucking experience I'd ever had. It's too bad my wife didn't play. After he came a second time inside me we all went into the living room and started drinking. They said I should spend the night and when I texted my wife she only said to not stay ot too late. Well, fuck her I thought and spent the night and the next night with them. I was fucked three more times and ate her cunt a bunch of times.

All in all it was a great weekend and when my wife asked where I was I just smiled and went into take a shower. We never talked about it but I've been with them a bunch of times over the last couple of years, only now they don't have to bind me to play. Like I said I love sucking cock and you can add eating pussy to that.